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2'x3' Cork Board Challenge

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    Hey Heath,

    The Chicago tunnel would be perfect for 1/35n2 if you could do it. I think the cars were approximately 14 ft long. I know the Bachmann On30 street car will take a really small radius, so the mechanism would back a great loco for the tunnel.


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      Couldn't find one...


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        Originally posted by milocomarty

        Couldn't find one...


        We can loosen the rules for you how about a 2x3 foot piece of wood and a wine cork?


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          Hello guys, my name is Steve and i was thinking of joining your challenge. I would like to ask a few questions if I may.I was thinking of going on/18 keeping with something different. So the questions are.Do I use n scale track with o scale ties. What about the trucks. Does anyone have any plans of critters or cars or any info on where to find this info.Also can i use foam instead of cork board and just keep within 864 sq inches.I will post more later as I do not want to get long winded. Thank you in advance for your help Steve 8D


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            Hey guys me again. I forgot to ask does it have to be continues run or can it be point to point.Thanks again Steve. 8D


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              Welcome, you do not have to use cork board but if you could stick to the size we are trying to use it would be nice. We really started this just to get some folks building something.

              For ON18 a great option is to use peco HOn30 crazy track. N scale track works if you bury it in the dirt. If you were going to replace the ties ON30 ties might be a little long but you could cut them down.

              I have had a few 0N18 cars that I built or acquired. I built my 4 wheel cars on Peco 4 wheel N scale British car bases. Also Minitrix and Arnold made N scale V dips that look great in ON18. you can sometimes find them on eBay.

              Good luck, feel free to ask questions.


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                jbolen61 in the standing rules for this forum either a loop or point to point as long as you can switch a car out qualifies and is O.K. However this challenge is Larry's so if he wants to modify that he can, otherwise you are good to go.


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                  Thanks for the info guys just might give this a shot. Gonna start looking thru the parts box for stuff.[:-pirate]


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                    For anyone thinking ON18 this may help. Cody traded these to me a few years ago. Grandt line ON3 dump cars with the wheels replaced using the wheel sets from a Peco N scale goods wagon.

                    Also a little Dunkirk made from a LifeLike sw switcher.

                    I have some surplus switchers if anyone is interested PM me.


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                      Great looking cars, Larry. Couple of pieces of rusting On18 equip.

                      Not the best pic, the trucks are Blackstone Hon3 pinched in to On18/Hon30. The car on the right is a Grandt Line and the one on the right is a bashed Tichy Ho 20' ore car. The couplers are Alexander O scale Link and pins. Hope this helps, Steve.
                      Cheers, Heath.


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                        I started doing a little planning for the GlenGeezer Distillery today.

                        The owner and his wife discussing one of the engines that they may use for the green bottle express and some stone work for the distillery.

                        Now inspecting the very sharp curves and one of the possible barrel moving cars for the line.

                        The other possible engine to be used.

                        Cork board check!

                        I want to keep the framing on my board which will cost me a few inches in size. Possible use for small 10.5" radius home made turnouts?

                        I found a dozen 1/43 figures and three vehicles in my train room so I think I will have a small layout covered.

                        Input more than welcome.


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                          Looks good, Larry.

                          Jeff S.


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                            Like your critter Larry but the lady looks a little shady.


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                              I agree with Mike ... is that really Geezer's wife?

                              Larry that is a great start to your mini layout.
                              Tom M.


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                                Looking good Larry. I've got my board ready and a trackplan in mind but haven't yet started to put anything together. This week I hope!