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2'x3' Cork Board Challenge

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    Alright then, I'm in. I better get to work or this will end like every other challenge I've entered, either never finished or slept through completely.



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      Bought my cork board yesterday.
      Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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        Larry, your challenge has really got me thinking about moving over to the dark side, I am soon tempted.

        Growing Old is Mandatory
        .... Growing up is optional!


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          It's a fine place to "test the waters"
          Sitting along side the orignal Central Pacific Rail Road.

          Home of The Great On30 Barn Meet, that will be held May 16th 2015


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            Jump in!

            Just playing around, how about a Scottish 1/43 scale railway?

            All those green bottles in the lounge have to come from someplace.


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              A second building layout.

              I think I have a plan.


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                Larry, I'm not committing, but pondering something...

                Zoo Themed layout with 7.5" radius curves. In On30 a 0-4-0 with 2 small excursion cars and 2 cars to support feeding, etc. The animals may range from dinos to African to North American. The other option is Hon30, due to availability and cost of animals. The Minitrains diesel and scratch built cars with 'pinched in' Hon3 trucks is doable.

                Here is a similar plan with 9" radius curves.
                Cheers, Heath.


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                  Nice plan. Do not rule out ON18 for the layout. N scare track and drives everything else is 1/48.


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                    Funny you should say that, Larry. I have some On18 equipment rusting in the yard.

                    Here's a On18 mining variation of the track plan. Ore bin empties onto the On30 line running vertically. One might even squeeze a siding behind the bin too.The 9"/7.5" curved turnout leading to the bin would be something to see. Single blade?

                    Easily distracted...
                    Cheers, Heath.


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                      Now an On18 sounds interesting......... I'm going to have to think about that.
                      Ron Newby

                      General Manager

                      Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                        I've been struggling with a design and purpose.

                        I like the plan that Scott posted in the last page.

                        I really just wanted something to have a train go round and round and to practice some scenery techniques.

                        However, the last plan that Heath posted has some promise.

                        Hope you don't mind if I borrow it.

                        The distillery and zoo and also some very creative concepts.
                        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                        FaceBook link:


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                          The good news about cork board is you can tack down atlas flex track quickly using the predrilled holes and test if your critters will make a sharp curve. Porters will make the 9.5" radius curves.

                          Try to find a plate, bowl or pot lid that is the right size than form the track around it to get a consistent curve.

                          Good luck.


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                            Single blade switches would work well.


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                              Borrow away, I enjoy trying to come up with some plausible track plans. I will see if I can noodle some with larger radius curves.

                              I use this for compatibility of equipment to min. radius.


                              I have found these numbers to be very helpful. My Broadway Limited 2-8-0 managed a 16" radius with no problems.
                              Cheers, Heath.


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                                A Welsh Slate inspired Incline.

                                51 degree Incline 4" wide, @13.5" long, and @9.5" tall. All 10.5" radius curves. Two fiddle sidings at the back under the hill and a 10.5" curved cross over on top leads to the engine shed.

                                The Incline lift measures about 1.25" by 1.25" by 4" long and should be able to handle 4 wheel cars.

                                I think this would be a challenging build.

                                Working on a Chicago Tunnel Company inspired variation that has a vertical lift. Running coal and parcels to the downtown.
                                Cheers, Heath.