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    I will post a thread this week for a challenge, I think we should put it in the Micro layout section and try to get some bites from different scales, thoughts?

    Two crappy pictures from my phone.

    The Tin Chicken I have been working on(far from finished) with trailer car built from a BVM Rambling Road Runner that was to go on the back of a Bachmann rail truck.

    It makes a nice short Boxcar. Dallas you should consider it as a product.

    Noodling the structures for the layout


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      Larry, Good looking Tin Chicken.

      Expect there would be a better response if we opened it up to more scales. The "Big" requirement would be the size of the Baseboard. I am going to get one of the Cork boards from Walmart today or tomorrow and can post a pic and a link when you get the thread going.

      Will present the "challenge" to our Modular group this weekend and see what kind of response I get there.
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        Tin Chicken is looking good and so is the distraction.
        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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          Moving good Brudda....I like the Tin chicken & trailer.....


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            Distraction Challenge, is it a go?

            If so, what are the criteria?

            Also, I'd like to see a longer period of time to work on it.

            At least six months sounds good to me.
            Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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              Rick, I will post something for a challenge when I get off work.

              Maybe a thanksgiving weekend end date. 2x3' cork board a loop of track or switching moves.


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                Let the games begin - 2' x 3' Cork Board Challenge Thread



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                  I did do a little work on this project today.

                  Five bents and four ore bin supports created and being test fit. There will be an 18" hand pushed cart line from the mine shaft to the ore bin, this will make a great scenic block for the rear loop track.

                  Here are some crappy pictures from my old iPhone. I hope you get can see where I am going.


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                    Gonna be a good looking set up.....


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                      Progress ... that's good.
                      Tom M.


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                        Nice job staying focused on the distraction!


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                          Looking better all the time.
                          Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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                            I remember as a young lad, all I wanted was a "layout" like this, but could not afford it.

                            So good always, to see a modeler build something for our young generations to enjoy.

                            well done :up:

                            cheers mate
                            " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                              Thanks for stopping in everyone. Mario, I hear you on wanting a finished layout. I have still never had one.


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                                wnat to see more , well done