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  • Thank you all for stopping in for a look and for the encouragement.


    This a desert module so there will be a little more green added but mostly just sand and rocks.


    I will have to dig around and see what I have that could look torn apart. I will be adding some mechanical pieces to the mine building soon.

    I need to also build the chutes for the ore bin.

    Please keep any ideas or suggestions comming. I would like to take this layout to a show or two this year.


    • Larry - I can post a couple "desert" type shots for reference if you like.


      • Post away Bill.


        • Very nice, Larry.

          It's funny : I stopped working on two of my buildings when it was time to build the ore chutes. Hope there's no curse about this...


          • You know what every old mining camp needs? A can dump! That's a big, spread-out pile of rusting tin cans, plus other small bits of trash. Bottles too. Here's a small one at McKinney Tanks, a former stage stop in Nevada:

            Nowadays these dumps have all been picked over, and any bottles are either gone or busted up.


            • Suggestions for mini-scenes?

              Timber for props for the mining tunnels.

              A very small, single purpose sawmill rig would work.

              Even a Model T with one rear wheel removed with a belt linking it to a small sawing rig.

              My grandfather was a house builder and he had such a rig.

              He drove it to the building site, put it on blocks and removed a wheel.

              I like to include one figure hiding behind a building just goofing off.

              A small shop for just sharpening drills.

              There was such a shop just off the anit of a mine in Alaska near my house.

              A couple of old mining cars laying around upside down where they have cannabalized the wheelsets.

              Ore was often shipped in bags so some full burlap bags would fit in.

              Dynamite was used in mines a lot so a small storage bunker would be nice.

              Mines often used a system to keep track of who was down in the mines.

              A square board with numbered tags was used.

              When a miner when down he hung his tag on the board and when he got back to the surface he removed his tag.

              This way an injured miner would not be abandoned below.

              Fresh air was needed so a blower sending air down in a tube was common.

              Stacks of wood for mining props.

              Fuel for the power plants.

              There is a guy named A. J. Booth who has published several small books on small mines in Britain.

              Those books are filled with great ideas about the right kind of junk to have around a mine site as it shows the actual around many of them.


              • Really like that mine looks great. Was that a kit or scratch built?



                • Beautiful work, Larry. Any thoughts of what shows you might take this to?

                  Jeff S.


                  • Larry, the picture of the 'layout' took my breath away. Really outstanding. This has evolved so far past a play layout for children and into the realm of art that the children will be everyone who sees this and become spellbound. Looking forward to seeing additions to the final display details.

                    Darryl, what a great list of ideas.
                    -- KP --

                    Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


                    • Wow, I did not expect so many visits.

                      Frederic, I have built a bunch of chutes and have some jigs so I think I will get that finished soon.

                      Ray, Thanks for the picture, I need to figure out how to model rusty cans.

                      Darryl, Thank you for the nice list of details, I will be using a few of your ideas.

                      Mark, The mine is scratch built but not by me, someone here on the forum sold it to me a few years back as it was surplus to their needs. The structure is cardboard and wood with some metal siding.

                      Thanks Jeff, Not sure which shows I will end up at but I do want to try to do a couple. Maybe the small layout show would be good.

                      Kris, Thank you, I sure hope a few people who see this layout will enjoy it.


                      • Ray,

                        Thanks for more pictures of mine debris, I had planned to do canned mine debris like that. I also needed the sage brush pic. Small round stir straws sprayed with 777 and rolled in dust or rust colors will work for those, then cut off with paper cutter. Paint doesn't stick well to the straws.



                        • Just a few to show the shrubbery & some trees & cactus:

                          All these shots are from the Mojave desert - you can see the variance in colors of the plants and even in the "sand". There isn't really much sand, it is comprised mostly of small crushed rocks. Yes, thee is some fine stuff, but it is still like rocks.

                          Ray's picture even shows a different kind of cover....All in all, I say you have made your

                          model as real as possible. It is convincing and

                          a nice diorama. Well done Larry.


                          • quote:

                            Originally posted by BigLars

                            Wow, I did not expect so many visits.

                            Thanks Jeff, Not sure which shows I will end up at but I do want to try to do a couple. Maybe the small layout show would be good.


                            How about the 2016 NNGC in Augusta, ME?



                            • Larry and Bill,

                              I will use all the pics too, to model up the flora an fona of the desert. Rattlesnake mining module will go to Augusta, it made its first trip out to the Hudson, may or may not go in the fall.



                              • Jeff,

                                I will be going to Augusta but I may be flying. If I drive then I think I will take this layout or my next "surprize" small layout.