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  • A small distraction - Estrella Copper Co.

    I admit to being in a real funk on the Tagish and Marsh Lake RR. So I have started a mini layout to take to shows or for visiting children to run.

    I had some Peco track and switches laying around as well as a piece of wood that I found that was cut in a perfect oval 40" x 20".

    Here are the first images.

    The little railroad passed the 7 year old test today. We had a 7 year old girl visiting today and she was amused for 80 minutes with the little railroad. I think the Sound with bells and whistles helped and I only had to come in the room twice to help out.

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    BTW - I have had the Porter running for 4 hours without a stall.

    The following drives will make the curves.

    All Bachmann porters

    Bachmann Rail truck

    Bachmann HO 44 ton, 70 ton, 45 ton and Ballast spreader.

    BVM, Mighty Midget, Woodchuck and all conversions for the above Bachmann HO engines

    Cars tested with no issue

    Bachmann 18 foot cars

    Bachmann side dumps and v dumps

    Peco 4 wheel cars

    Cache creek 4 wheel and two truck caars

    BVM 18 foot cars

    My 19 foot flat car molds

    Grandt Line Koppel cars

    I am sure many others.


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      Very interesting. Nice to hear children having fun with the mini layout.
      Tom M.


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        Cool idea, Larry! You put that track and board to good use!


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          Now that, Larry, might be a way to dip my toe over the 'dark side' line.


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            Thanks guys!

            I have been doing the creep test for two hours now, the train is doing the loop every four minutes and no stalls. Impressive that the three Peco switches have not been able to stall this little engine.


            I hope George does not see that post :-)


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              Grand un-Funk Railroad!


              Chambers Gas & Oil -- structure build

              Quality craftsmanship with a sense of humor! []


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                I have been building a Tin Chicken for this little line this week, remember those?


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                  Yes, I do! And those creep around real nicely ... and probably go over well with the kids, too.


                  Chambers Gas & Oil -- structure build

                  Quality craftsmanship with a sense of humor! []


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                    Looks like fun Larry!


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                      It is fun! Three more hours and no stalls. I am going to shut her down for the night.


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                        Nice little distraction

                        Proof that you can never believe someone who says they don't have room for a layout.
                        Sitting along side the orignal Central Pacific Rail Road.

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                          Go Larry! Great little layout in the works, I think I recognize that critter shed as one you helped me with when I first joined and was looking at doing a similar micro (an older BVM release?) No worries the T&ML will come around when you're ready.

                          This loop and the fun it brought your young visitor is exactly why I'm still in analysis paralysis about executing my track plan without a runaround. Kudos for actually getting something done!


                          "Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer." - Dave Barry


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                            Nice recovery to the funk.....

                            Its great to see the kids eyes light up when you

                            tell them its OK to run the train. I know the grandsons

                            have a lot of fun. Thanks for the info on the capabilities

                            of different MFG equipment too brudda....well done.


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                              I have a "Tin Chicken" kit.....I guess I should

                              look for a rail truck now......;-)

                              (one that runs)