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'78 Dodge wrecker

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  • '78 Dodge wrecker

    Many years ago, Roco (the Minitank folks) had a line of civilian vehicles. Among them was this Dodge pickup with a small wrecker unit in the bed. All I did here was take it apart, paint and weather it, new cable.

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    Chester,the 70's are not what I call my favorite decade for vehicles or truck designs.

    Nevertheless,you have crafted yet another great example of a wrecker to add to your ever growing collection of miniature vehicles & trucks.

    Your going to need a multi-story parking garage next,as one of your builds.To park them all in.

    P.S. I noticed what's hanging on the locker there now,in your newer bigger shop.

    Greg Shinnie


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      I'd forgotten what those old Dodges look like with all their parts still attached to the right places, it has to be 15 years since I've seen one without "brown lace" and flapping fenders.

      Good job on the garage and the truck, I can almost smell the grease and hear the compressor kicking on.

      Greg R.


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        Not many Dodge trucks that old around here in MI the automotive cancer heart of the rust belt. Yours looks good Chester.

        There was a rural postal carrier around here that used to bring one of that vintage in to the Doll's repair shop. It finally got to the point the baling wire was rusting out and there was no place strong enough to hold any more duct tape and he had to upgrade.
        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

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          Well done Chester. I remember that vintage well.


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            Nice job again, Chester.

            There's still a few of these running about in Pennsylvania. Perhaps they will need a few cold, Maine winters to beat them up like yours.