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Wednesday, like white diamonds...

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  • Wednesday, like white diamonds...

    Good Morning!

    Fresh apple/banana pancakes, or apple or banana or just plain I suppose, side of bacon, some taters, YUmmmm! Juice and such as well. I don't make the coffee as strong as some of you guys,so you may want to stop by the crummy on the way through.

    Beautiful sunrise over the lake this morning, the snow was glistening like white diamonds (where's Liz when you need her?) it's nice to look at but I won't be sorry yo see it go.

    Not much going on in these parts.

    Enjoy everyone!
    "What the heck wuz that?"

    Ron Haviland


    Red Water Railway Co.

    L.B. & S Shortline RR.

    Podunk, New England

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    Good morning Ron and the rest of the crew. We have a little freezing rain heading our way, but then we expect a 5 day warming trend which should get some of the ice and snow off our roofs.

    I will be at the bench today working on the roof of my Challenge Project.

    Have a great day!


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      Good Morning Ron, Bruce and the rest of the RR-L Crew. Sunny and going to 50 here today.

      Tomorrow they call for T-Storms and heavy rain which means the start of FLOOD Season.

      Still it'll be good to see the last of these piles of snow sitting around.

      Everyone have a Fun and Safe Day in the Train Yard.


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        Mornin' All!

        23F and headed close to 40 here in the northern mitten, and more of the (almost) same tomorrow.

        Except for the freezing rain tomorrow. :yuck:

        And then it's back into the Winter Tank for the foreseeable future. [:-cold]

        Breakfast sounds good, Ron. Thanks for opening up. I'm home to another seven or eight inches of your "gifts from above," which do indeed sparkle like diamonds, but since I'm a Guy, and not a Girl, I don't need diamonds. Not my best friend, anyway! I need some quality time bonding with my tractor this afternoon to blow out the edges of the driveway so the plow guy has a place to put this [:-censored] stuff when the next round arrives this weekend.

        So make it a great day on the railroad, and stay safe!


        in Michigan


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          Morning everyone. Yesterday around 5 it started to rain, then it froze and an now my street has the sheen of an ice skating rink. Going to leave for work early to give myself plenty of time to get there.

          Well everyone have a great day and stay safe out there!


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            Morning everyone

            Ron thanks for the coffee and opening.

            And what do you know it's 43 and sunny in South Jersey. Almost like a spring day.

            Will take it even if we get some rain at least it's not freezing!!![:-cold]

            Been working on my Mill. Cutting 2x12's just can't believe how many it takes to do a side.

            Everyone have a great day!!!

            "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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              Good morning crew some pancakes please with my coffee I'm sitting by the window getting some 50 degree rays it feels good I've got a block of ice in my pickup truck bed. Got a friend stopping by tomorrow to try out a new loco before he gets his layout done. Hope everyone is safe and watch out for the ice on the sidewalks Tom


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                Forecast said to take your sunglasses but it's snowing like mad right at the moment here in my slice of Michigan. I cleared off more snow yesterday than at any one time all winter, but then the sun was out and everything melted the snowblower didn't get and the pavement and sidewalk actually were dry. We also are warming and expect 40 today and tomorrow and then way cold again for much of the rest of February.

                I did get a little layout time yesterday, filling in a difference in elevation between two pieces of plywood with auto body filler, bondo-like, to prepare for track to go. Today the house smells like a body shop.

                This morning I'm off to check on things with my mother. She's really stressed by the snow and not being out hardly at all.

                That's it from here, no diamonds in the rough this morning, either. Everyone have a great day.

                BE SAFE!!
                Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                Cedar Swamp
                SW of Manistique, MI

                Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                  Good morning crew! Thanks for opening Ron! Breakfast sounds great, and I like the way you make the coffee so keep it coming!

                  As for the white diamonds, I agree with Pete! Compared to most of you, we've been luck here in south Jersey for the most part, but even so, I'm sick of this snow and can't wait for the warm up.

                  So I'm off today. I have a dentist appointment, then have to run to the bank to set up a line of credit. I'm finally going to get my kitchen redone, something I've been wanting to do since I moved in here 5 years ago. It's time! Once I get home, I hope to get a couple of hours downstairs before I head out tonight for an op session.

                  Have a great day!


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                    Morning Ron, and all the crew! Heat wave here in SE Michigan...34F already! I'll have some of those banana pancakes with some coffee, Thank you very much.

                    Well I got the broken building repaired last night and started to put signs on it. The section on the right (6 arched doors) is what broke.


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                      Good morning, all. It's almost 40F in Coastal Rockingham this morning. I spent a couple of hours outside with the Gravely and other tools, cleaning up yesterday's 20 cm of powder. Today's storm might be snow, might be rain. I already used my snowshoes, so I'm going to see how the XC skiing is before the ick arrives. Pete, I can guess a few things your plow guy says about that driveway too. Good luck with the building, Al.


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                        I guess it is good afternoon from a sunny and 43 degree central Ohio. The temperatures are not bad but rain is coming then the temps start back down.

                        Have a good day.



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                          Well, it's afternoon now. Spent the morning gathering all our books together and took them to the transfer station.

                          Probably 200 or so, all in good shape and some very expensive. No one wants them so off they went.

                          At least they have a book building there where people can come in and take what they want. Maybe someone will like them.

                          Cloudy today so very little melting going on.

                          Enjoy the rest of it.

                          Dave Mason