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  • TrainClown's Return

    Hi there guys! Thought i would chime in and say hello. It's been a while since I posted anything. Heck, it's been a while since I built anything!! Medical issues has a way of sucking the very life out of ya. It don't need to be your own medical issue, either, just someone who means everything to you. Sometimes the road back to everything being all right can be a long row to hoe. But you know what the sage says, "Always hoe to the end of the row." So that's where I have been. I just had a particularly long row to hoe.

    So, I'm setting up a new work bench and I got plans to get back to my modeling and build something. I can't wait to see what I get up to [:-bouncy]

    This reminds me of a very old song. It was an old song when it was recorded on a cylinder record back around 1905-1909. My dad once had a collection of cylinder records and cylinder record players and when I was left alone in the house, I would sneak into my dad's room and play some of the old recordings. I was so fasinated by that old technology and the sound, it was like a time machine. I don't recall the name of who recorded this or who the artist was, but here's the words (written here the way it sounded)

    Now I'm getting old an' feeble an' cannot work no more.

    Dat busted bladed hoe I've laid to rest.

    O'l masters an' ol' minstrels, dey sleepin' side by side,

    deir spirits now are roamin' wit da blessed.

    Strangest change around dee place now, dee darkie's dey all gone.

    To another year I'm singing in da pink.

    An' dee only friend dat's leff here is dat good ol' dowg 'o mine,

    an' da little ol' log cabin in da lane.

    Dee chimblys falling down,

    an' da roof's all caved in,

    lets in da sun shine an' da rain.

    But dee angels watches over me

    when I lays down to sleep,

    in my little ol' log cabin in da lane.

    Appropriate pic of one of me ol' models I made.

    Well, there ya go. Just wanted to say I was still around and interested. I'll post stuff as there is stuff to post. It's good to see familiar names still posting here. I missed you guys.

    Back to the new bench now.

    Christopher [:-clown]
    Clowning around with trains.

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    Welcome back Christopher. I enjoyed your postings full of innovative ideas and looking forward to seeing more in the future.

    With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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      Hi Christopher,great to read that you are returning to RRLines!

      I have been wondering, what happened to you.

      I've really missed your imagination, & your work around here.

      Great to have you back!

      Greg Shinnie


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        Welcome! It's good to hear you have some time and energy for the hobby.


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          Welcome back Christopher, set the hoe down and spin us a couple more of those old field tunes.
          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

          Cedar Swamp
          SW of Manistique, MI

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            Christopher, it sounds like you did get to the end of the row, and that is good.

            I'm glad to see you posting again and look forward to your first project when you get to it.

            Here is a little info on that song:


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              Welcome back Christopher! You've been missed.


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                Welcome back Christopher, I missed seeing your funny posts.


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                  Christopher it's great to hear from you again! I'll be looking to see what you will be up to. :up:


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                    Christopher, good to have you back with all your great modeling tips and jigs.

                    I also saw on the news today that there may be a shortage of clowns because they're all getting older.

                    Dave Mason


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                      Christopher you was/are a valued member, and your modeling and jigs were missed around here. Glad to see you have been re-charged and ready to share once again. Looking forward to seeing your posts and ideas with the crew.

                      Louis L&R Western Railroad
                      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                        Glad to have you back and posting!

                        I hope the "end of the row" brought good news!


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                          Welcome back!


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                            Hi there Chris! Welcome back!!
                            Bill Shanaman

                            New Haven RR

                            Hartford Division

                            in Colorado.


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                              Good to have you back Christopher.

                              Some of your old threads have been resurrected from time to time when someone would ask about tools and such.

                              Even your treehouse thread was mentioned not to long ago.

                              So, while you may have not been here, you weren't forgotten.
                              Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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