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  • VIA Train 651

    Here are a couple photos, a bit grainy mind you, of VIA Rail train 651 laying up overnight on a segment of the wye known as "Queens", about a mile or so east of the Kingston VIA Rail Station.

    VIA 6427, F40PH-2, repainted in the new Eco Green scheme, was rumbling away, keeping everything brightly lit and warm, when I took this shot around midnight this morning (Tuesday)

    This train originates in Kingston, six days a week, except Sunday, on it's early morning run west to Toronto Union Station, as a four-car consist, as shown below:

    The trip takes about two hours and fifty minutes. It's for the folks who commute to Toronto from Kingston and other intermediate points along the line; arriving in Toronto in good time for those with business appointments there.

    Departure time in Kingston is around 0530 weekdays and 0650 on Saturday.

    The train is 650, eastbound, leaving Toronto Union at 1740 and arriving in Kingston Station around 2010. Here it offloads the passengers, is cleaned inside, and travels to Queens where is idles until the next morning run.

    On Sunday, the train is dead-headed on one of the last runs east from Toronto for the Monday morning return.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Thanks! Very interesting.