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Upgrading the 'search' function?

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  • Upgrading the 'search' function?

    Any chance of upgrading the search function? I love this forum but trying to do a search is useless! Russ

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    Russ, I have successfully used the search function many times.

    Have you read this how to?

    How to use the forums Search function -


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      You can also use Google's Advanced Search function too:

      They've changed things a little at Google since that thread was posted.

      Now you need to enter Advanced Search into the Google search page to get to it.


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        I'm with Rick. The Google Advanced Search function is so quick and efficient that there is really little need to use the Forum's limited search capabilities.


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          Bruce, I'm not saying to never use the forum search.

          Matter of fact, nine times out of ten, when I'm searching for something here I'll use the forum search.

          But I always search only on the title.

          For example, someone earlier this week was asking about glues.

          Put glue into the search and search on title only and you get 6 pages of results.

          The only time I use Google is if I can't find it using the forum search or my search returns one thread with many pages.

          Instead of going through each page, I'll use Google to take me right to the page where what I'm looking for is.


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            And don't overl k the ability to do an IMAGE search of this site on google ... that can be rather useful.


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              Thanks for all of the various replies, I appreciate it. I enjoy this place so I was trying to make it even better. Russ