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Western Scale Models is coming back!!

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  • Western Scale Models is coming back!!

    Hi All

    Great news. Western Scale Models is going back into full production. HO, S and O are coming back..

    This is what was posted on the web site

    Western Scale Models is getting a new home!

    Mike Pyne of Wild West Scale Model Builders will take over the company the end of September.

    Mike will be bringing back all of our discontinued HO, S and O scale models, as well as continung the production of 1:20.3 scale large scale kits.

    During the transition I will be helping Mike to ensure the same high quality will continue that Western Scale Models is known for. I will also be helping Mike with pattern work so that he will be able to bring out new kits faster than I could when I was running Western Scale Models by myself.

    For future sales contact Mike Pyne at Wild West Scale Model Builers, P.O. Box 1971, Englewood, Colorado 80150. His phone is (303) 842-6106

    Mike M

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    Great news, stumbled on that web site last night. Thanks for posting!!