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Still Totally Frozen Tuesday Lounge is OPEN

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  • Still Totally Frozen Tuesday Lounge is OPEN

    Good Frozen Morning RR-L Crew. Be careful opening the lounge door or the frozen hinges will snap off. Still minus 14 here in the Crossroads of America, Central Indiana. We might have a heatwave later today and move up to ZERO.

    Breakfast is a big tub of hot oatmeal and a large kettle of hot coffee.

    We haven't left the house in three days and starting to get a bit of cabin fever. Can't do any Rusty Stumps work as it's too cold to work in the garage and I can't run the laser as the exhaust fan would pull all the heat out of the house. Work is stacking up but it'll have to wait I'm afraid.

    So, how are you doing in the Polar Vortex? If you're warm and balmy, :erm: :erm: If you're frozen solid like the rest of us let us know. From what we are hearing on the news it's moving to the east coast.

    The city opened city hall as a shelter last night as we had another great swath of houses loose power so they had no heat.

    Everyone have a Fun and SAFE day in the Frozen Train Yard of 2014.

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    Ah, both sides of the lounge open again this morning. With both stoves working, perhaps we will be able to keep the building warm enough to enjoy the coffee and breakfast.

    It is still zero here in the Jersey Highlands,with howling winds and wind chills near -25 degrees. I ran out to get the eggs before they froze solid, and was successful.

    Well, time to get moving on a few indoor projects.

    have a great day.


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      Minus 11 as I view the screen, wind chill in the -30s, but the sun is shining. It seems the snow stopped, 17 inches on my back deck mid day yesterday. Also getting cabin fever here.

      Another of those days I might even take a coffee. I hope everyone has a good day laying low.

      BE SAFE!!
      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

      Cedar Swamp
      SW of Manistique, MI

      Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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        I just finished shovelling 4 inches of "no chance of snow" off my driveway. I didn't like winter before but this year is the worst...

        Bob Farquhar [:-irked]


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          Hi all. Thanks for coffee, Walt. I just hope you all stay safe.



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            Hey, guys,

            Up and at them on a very chilly morning down south. 15 is plumb cold.

            Unusually cold for us.

            In my lifetime, 5 is the coldest I ever seen down here. That was during an ice storm, limbs cracking and breaking everywhere. No elec. for about a week.

            Everyone is complaining except the plumbers. They are all sitting around with smiles on their faces waiting for the phone to ring.

            What a great bunch of guys.

            Have a good day.



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              Good morning crew! I think I'll have a warm cup of coffee and sit next to the stove for a while. I woke up to 4 degrees this moring and according to the news, it hasn't been this cold here in the past 20 years! Where is that global warming?

              So I'm at work again today, but I'm off the next two days and hope to make big progress. I want to finish up the Selinsgrove branch on the lower level and get it wired.

              I hope everyone stays warm!


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                Mornin' All!

                It's a comparatively balmy +4F here in the northern mitten, with wind chills only around -13, so things are improving. The Lake Effect machine has calmed down somewhat, with the winds backing around to the west. Snow is still coming in sideways, and uphill, but there's not as much of it as there has been, and there are indications that the system may be moving eastward. I did see some kind of big yellow-white light in the sky awhile ago, and it wasn't an airplane. There's hope.... [:-cold]

                The schools are closed around here to keep the kids from freezing to the street at the bus stops. Businesses are open, mostly, but anything headed in this direction from the south is probably going to take a couple of extra months to thaw out to the point where it can be moved. And I understand that one of the county plows (big, serious rig) tipped over last night on one of the roads near here, fortunately with no injuries. Walt can keep his weather!

                I found some extra maple syrup that hadn't frozen, so it's over by the oatmeal now.

                Make it a good one, folks, stay indoors, and stay safe!

                Pete [:-cold]

                in Michigan


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                  Good afternoon +4 right now and heading for +6 later. Good news for central Ohio mid 40's for the weekend.

                  Have a good day.



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                    Good afternoon everyone. It's been just below freezing here all day but it started to snow around noon and we got a couple inches. Nothing compared to what you fellows back east have. I heard today that it was so cold in Kentucky that an escaped inmate from a prison turned himself back in!

                    Still re-adapting to getting up early and going back to work. I didn't get any model work in yesterday but I plan to tonight.

                    Hope everyone has/had a great day and stay warm.


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                      We're havin a heat heat wave here in sunny Manitoba, Canada. -22F with -44F windchill. That's the warmest it has been here in 3 weeks. Last week we had windchills at -57F. Hope all you guys down South, not used to this kind of weather can stay safe and warm.