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  • Frozen in Place Monday Lounge is Open

    Morning RR-L Crew, I won't say good as what's good about -13 degrees and 40,000 without power? Needless to say we'll be staying home today.

    Barrels of Hot Coffee are on the stove as we'll need it with this weather. Pretty outside with the large clumps of snow frozen to the trees and all but I'm not venturing out to take photos.

    Everyone stay safe and warm and have a great day.

    So, hows the weather in your town?

    Have a SAFE and WARM day in the Train Yard.

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    Mornin' All!

    Thanks for the coffee, Walt! I'll fire up the rest of the stove and see what we can come up with. If it's HOT, we can cook it! How about blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup, some donuts for those "breakfast of champions" folks, orange juice, bacon and sausages? There might be some yogurt in the fridge, too.

    OK, so the temp is +10F here in the northern mitten, the wind chill is -9F, the snow is coming in sideways courtesy of winds gusting to around 30, the visibility is somewhere around a quarter of a mile (if that), the drifts are piling up and there's an ad for a two-for-one special on "bug lights" running on TV. I'm missing something here....

    Good day to stay home, but alas, Duty Calls, and I need to head out into this.

    Stay warm, folks!


    in Michigan


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      Morning Pete. The windchill here in central Indiana is -50 which gives you 10 minutes max with exposed skin before frost bite.


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        Yup. Dangerous stuff. The lake mitigates that somewhat for us, but it's still dangerous.

        Be careful!


        in Michigan


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          Morning Walt and Pete and the rest of the crew.

          Well, we had lots of rain last night and it washed away most of the snow that I didn't get shoveled when the snowblower broke.

          Big freeze tonight and then maybe a warmup.

          Sure would be nice to be living down South.

          I've got some packages to wrap and get in the mail to OZ. Boy is mail expensive and it's going up the end of the month again.

          Dave Mason


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            Hi all, Thanks for the coffee Walt. Well it is 68f here in the central California coast. I am glad I don't live where you fellows do because I am too old for that cold stuff.

            Now that I can see really well I am trying to learn to dry brush, it is slow going.



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              Another Monday morning in Wisconsin! Currently, the temp is -17 degrees F. (-27 C.) Our expected high today is -12 F. The wind chill temperature is -43 F.

              Have a great day!

              It\'s a great day whenever steam heads out into the timber!


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                11:00 am wind 250@23 gusting to 29, temp a blistering 4 degrees here in MI, but it's falling. We appreciate Lake Michigan here. We've decided to stick inside today and not attempt to clear the driveway, it was done about noon yesterday and is drifted shut again. We do have electricity and the propane guy came Friday so we're set. We just had a hawk crash against the rear window chasing a dove from the feeder.


                BE SAFE!!
                Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                Cedar Swamp
                SW of Manistique, MI

                Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                  Good morning Walt and crew you can't make enough coffee. Just got back from the doctors now I'm in. It's 5 in Cleveland and even the ski slopes are closed. Lots of train stuff to work on. See you later stay in and warm. Tom


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                    Good morning, Walt and crew. It's in the 40's here in Tidewater Virginia. We were in the 50's when I got up this morning and we're headed to 15° before the day's over!

                    I brought in an extra bucket of coal for the stove, so we can just spend the day here in the warm lounge. I'm ready for another cup of coffee.

                    Have a good day.

                    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                      Good morning crew. It was thawing here in southern Ontario last night and raining. The temperature dropped over night and froze the snow/ice creating a pebbly ice surface which is OK to walk on with snow boots. It is a sad day today as we took down our Christmas decorations and the house looks so blah! The outside decorations are staying in place as they are frozen and will be there until we get a major thaw. Have a great day and stay safe when that temperature severely drops for the next couple of days.
                      Chuck Faist

                      Burlington, Ontario

                      Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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                        Good afternoon Walt and the rest of the crew. It was 55 degrees when I woke up this morning and was 47 degrees by the time we finished breakfast. The temperature has been steadily falling ever since. Now we are in the mid-30s and have snow/sleet coming down.

                        I took advantage of those temps in the 40's this morning to take the outdoor lights down. We will take the indoor decorations down later this week.

                        This is the second time in about a month that we have had the temperature fluctuate over 50 degrees in the span of a few days. This time it was a low of 2 degrees to a high of almost 56 degrees.

                        Well, time to take care of a bit of NMRA and GSD business.

                        Have a great day!


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                          Now home from school, Walt. All school buses were cancelled today due to the freezing rain. Temps rose overnight and then settled around zero for the drive to work time period. Now, they've plummeted. Too cold and messy to head out tonight, so I'll stay in and model! Yabba dabba doo!
                          Mike Hamer

                          Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                            Good evening all I hope you are staying warm. -3 in Columbus about -6 a few miles north where I live. All the schools including the community college where I teach are closed until Wednesday. The good thing is I get a little more time to get the class material together.

                            Have a good night.



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                              Morning Walt and the rest of the crew! Thanks for the coffee, need some after getting my wife off to work. -14 right now we may get to 0 here in the Ann Arbor area. Plan on staying inside as much as I can today. Might have to move my car if the plowman comes to finish up our driveway.