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    Yep, it's started here in the crossroads of America, the first big storm of 2014. Storm slowed so it's just starting to really snow here with 10 inches expected. Tonight it will start to blow with winds up to 40 MPH and then the temps start to fall and fall and fall with minus 15 expected tomorrow morning. Otherwise just a typical Sunday around here. Temps 32 and snowing.

    Breakfast is a hearty one of eggs anyway you want, bacon, ham slabs and even steak if you have the teeth to chew it. Toast of all kinds and plenty, plenty of HOT COFFEE. Belly up to the breakfast bar boys.

    Mary and I went to Mass last evening and also attended the annual volunteer's chilli supper put on by the staff. Today we'll stay warm and watch movies on Netflix and our Chromecast unit.

    Everyone have a SAFE and Fun Snow Day in the Train Yard.

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    Good morning everyone. Well, we are getting a lot of snow here in Ottawa today. It started last evening. I hope my wife's back can hold out. lol....... have a great day all. I have stuff to do at the bench....



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      Good morning crew! No snow here, but it's a damp, slightly rainy day. The temps are dropping so this will all freeze making the roads extremely dangerous.

      Another day at work for me. I have three long days ahead of me, then I'm off for a couple of days and hope to make some progress downstairs then.

      Hope everyone has a great warm day!


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        The weather is about the same here in NW Indiana...but we are expected to get 8 inches of snow tonight with zero degrees expected here at noon today going down to -10 tonight and tomorrow is the big one, including the wind chill we are looking at -40 to -50 below. Nothing like being retired and the only reason to go outside is to take the dogs out for potty


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          Big snow already here in MI, I've cleared of 8-10 inches this morning and it's still falling. The state highways have snow on them but are drivable with no problems, IF you can get to them in the so far unattended county roads, lucky for me it's only about 300 yard to the state highway. We have pretty much the same forecast for sub zero cold as Walt mentioned. At the store this morning the food was almost gone, I got the next to the last bottle of skim milk. The folks around are just a week out from 7-10 days without power from the last storm and not taking any chances it seems. I stocked up ok for several days.

          Lucky here to have a good performing snow blower on the John Deere, it took about 40 minutes to clear off the 325 feet of driveway.

          I hope all have a good day. Great one for model building!

          BE SAFE!!
          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

          Cedar Swamp
          SW of Manistique, MI

          Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022