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  • Day after Christmas Morning Lounge

    Rise and shine! Hot coffee is on. Today we have some pancakes and waffles with fresh maple syrup, along with sausage and bacon! There is also some bagels on the side.

    Everyone must be recovering from a nice Christmas day. I had a wonderful Christmas with the kids and grand kids. But it's not over for me. My daughter and her husband flew in last night so we are all getting together again for another Christmas dinner tonight.

    I hope everone has a great day!

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    Good morning Mark and the rest of the crew. We are about to head out for breakfast with our son and his girl friend. After that, a bit of post-Christmas shopping for some (hopefully) highly discounted Christmas decorations to put away for next year. (Yes, the ladies had an idea and my son and I are 'along for the ride'.)

    This afternoon my son, grandson, and I will try to put new running boards on my son's Ram truck. We got the old, rusted ones off the other day.

    Have a great day!


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      Good morning, crew. I'll just have coffee, Mark. I've been pigging out the last few days and I need to take a break.

      Bruce, you're a brave man joining the shopping mobs today. I'm staying close to home and starting a club project at the workbench.

      Have a good day.

      Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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        Good Morning Mark and the rest of the RR-L Crew. Just tea and toast for me this morning. Got to try and get back on the tracks of better health. Cold here at 25 degrees which feels like 18 with the wind. At least the wind is blowing the bad weather to the east. [}]

        I have Rusty Stumps closed for two weeks so I can do some cleaning up around here. Can't imagine how messy things get after 10 years of this fun! I'm starting to loose track of where stuff is and duplicating things. Waste of time so better to get stuff cleaned up.

        Everyone have a Fun and Safe Post-Christmas day in the Train Yard.


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          Morning crew. Waffles and sausage sound great Mark.

          I hope Walt's diet survived Christmas day, mine did not. Turkey was excellent...Gail is a great cook. We did skip any potatoes as the dressing was sufficient, and scrumptious. Gail makes her's with sausage added.

          So today is just some little things to tend to and maybe some more writing instructions for the kit website.

          It's too cold to do much else.

          Dave Mason


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            Good morning crew the day after, Walt I really don't want or need your cold weather and snow let's send it south for a change. Good idea to clean up a little this week. I got a book in Ipad for dummies that i really need. Time for another coffee so I guess I'll check in later. Be Safe Tom


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              Snow again here this morning, cold outside and nice inside.

              We had a decent day, stayed home and pigged out on the food we were going to take to my mother's. She thought the roads were too bad for us to try and travel. We were visited by the Doll's daughter and her guy, they did laundry as they still have no power at home from the ice storm.

              Today I think we're going shopping for some things for feeding our kids and grands Saturday when they come here.

              Everyone have a good day.

              BE SAFE!!
              Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

              Cedar Swamp
              SW of Manistique, MI

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                Good Morning

                Snow here in Vermont no ice,cleaning up the work bench today and try to fit in a hour or to and get something done.Thanks for the treat Mark.



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                  Thanks for opening up early on Boxing Day, Mark! Carl, with all that white space the blizzard must've come indoors and created a whiteout on your computer screen!

                  I'll try to get a little modelling done today, but my wife and daughters have convinced to spend the better part of the day and into the evening watching episodes of "Homeland". I watched the first couple yesterday and I must admit that it is a riveting television series.

                  Hopefully, I'll find some more time to get at the workbench! Have a great day everyone! [:-apple]
                  Mike Hamer

                  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                    Good morning crew. It is just below the freezing mark in our neighbourhood . I have had a cold for them last eight days. Because of it I am not getting a good night sleep because of the coughing and hacking. My big accomplishment was to get the HO layout operational and one of my "Murphy,s law" turnout replaced. Have a great day.
                    Chuck Faist

                    Burlington, Ontario

                    Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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                      Morning everyone

                      It's a cool morning here in South Jersey 28 and cloudy.

                      Some errands to run this am. Then maybe some time at the bench.

                      Good to see Mr. Laskey join us the morning!!

                      Everyone have a great day!!

                      "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                        Well first things first. Good morning to everyone on the crew and I hope you got what you asked for from Santa. For those who I missed I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

                        It's -1°C here in Toronto this morning and we woke up this morning to about 2.5 inches of powdered snow. This on its own is not an issue, but when the sun comes out, will add more weight to the straining branches which are already covered in about an inch of ice. This may bring more branches down and more power lines with them.

                        It seem that there is more problems on the way, the weather man is predicting 20-40 kilometre winds. I hope the wind comes and blows off the snow from the branches before the sun starts to melt the snow on the branches.

                        I have been fortunate not to loose my power for more then 20 minutes on Friday evening. Others in the city and southern Ontario, still don't have their power back.

                        On Friday evening into Saturday the temperature went from +1°C and raining to -12°C in six hours and that's what created this fiasco.

                        I'm just finishing my coffee and then out to clear the snow.

                        Growing Old is Mandatory
                        .... Growing up is optional!


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                          Good Morning everyone and Happy Boxing Day. Here in Canada boxing day means big sales in the malls. It's sort of like American Black Friday but without the fighting and tazers!

                          I trust everyone had a good Christmas. My wife spoiled me as usual with lots of goodies. We have an unwritten rule that she doesn't buy any model train related items since she doesn't know what I'd be interested in anyway. She did get me a 36 episode Railroad DVD collection. I'm assuming that it might be excerpts from that PBS show 'track ahead'

                          We ate well at the inlaws and tonight it's leftovers at our house. And I even got a few minutes of model work done.

                          Everyone have a great day!


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                            Evening all! I'll have a little coffee if any is left, probably boiled down into something just short of tar....

                            Spent yesterday without going on line until late in the evening. Modeling has fallen by the wayside these last few days...