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  • Christmas Eve morning Coffee...

    Morning all! Got the coffee going, water for the tea drinkers. Got a bunch of my Hazelnut shortbread cookies out for munchies this morning. And for those that want it more traditional breakfast fare, eggs, sausage, ham, biscuits.

    All the presents are wrapped...with the exception on one I'm still waiting on...

    I've got to make the filling for all my tart/flan shells today, taking them up north tomorrow for the wife's family. Hard pressed to do any modeling for the past couple of days.

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    Good morning, Al and crew. We had a big temperature drop over night and it's feeling more like Christmas. All the kids and grandkids will be here this afternoon, so I have a full day.

    Have a good day.

    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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      Good morning Al, just coffee for me. Just got to work, had the road all to myself. Everyone else must have the day off. I sure need to get home early, have alot to do yet. I hope the rest of the members don't sleep through Christmas.

      Everyone have a safe day and I hope you all arrive at your Christmas destinations safely.



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        Good morning Al and the rest of the crew. We are in Clifton, VA for Christmas. I just made waffles for the grandkids. Next up is a guick run to the grocery store for a few things. Bonnie is doing the turkey dinner thing for Christmas Dinner and her traditional Italian dinner for Christmas Eve.

        The diet begins January 1.

        Have a great day!


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          Good morning Al and the rest of the RR-L Crew. Getting real cold here and a chance for Christmas. I'll only have a cup of coffee as I just got up from the table after enjoying a first cup along with a slice and a half of Mary's terrific Banana Nut Bread.

          Got some orders to work on so I can ship them yet today. Otherwise it's sit back and rest week for me.

          Everyone have a Fun and Safe Christmas Eve in the Train Yard.


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            Cold and icy in Michigan with thousands still without power this Christmas Eve. Their greatest gift would be a return to normal. We almost feel guilty having our power return after about 24 hours with so many still without.

            I'll add some oatmeal and toast into the mix for this morning, then head off for some last minute supplies. We're having Christmas here for family Saturday after a dinner at my mother's tomorrow. Things to cook are on the list for today after coming home from town.

            Everyone have a good day and Merry Christmas to everyone.

            BE SAFE!!
            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

            Cedar Swamp
            SW of Manistique, MI

            Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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              Good morning Al and crew got up early one more stop at the grocery store and couldn't find a parking spot so I stopping in for a coffee. When I got up I saw grass now everything is white and blowing later we are going to mid-light mass I hope. My gift from Lucy came last night Thanks Sierra West for the fast service. Have a safe day and put another log on the fire and relax it's Christmas. Tom


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                Morning...just getting going as yesterday was a long day. Spent the day at the mall....with Gail....trying to sell her jewelry pieces.

                It was supposed to be a Sat/Sun show but the girl who set it up had mislead everyone about the show and all the dealers were shoved into a closed down store....not in the mall halls as previously advertised. So we got and extra day for no charge...and finally7 sold some items.

                The girl must have voted for Obama cause she sure lied like him.

                Tonight is family night at my MILs for Christmas Eve dinner. At 100, she still insists on this although Gail does most of the work.

                No special gifts here as money is just too tight this year. Both vehicles had major break downs and repair costs so that's out gift I guess.

                Enjoy your Eve.
                Dave Mason


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                  Good Morning from the eastern edge of Lake Ontario:

                  Thanks for breakfast. I'll just have bran buds, an apple and some yogurt, please.

                  Sunny and cold here. But the main thing, it's sunny, with no precipitation, as we are expecting family from out-of-town later today.

                  Here's what it looks like on our street this morning:

                  Here's hoping you have a wonderful day. Stay warm and safe!




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                    Good morning Al and crew! Breakfast sure was good. Tonight I play guitar at the Christmas Eve mass...have to arrange all the songs in order in my binder and learn the newest song we will be doing...a George Harrison tune called "Give Me Love".

                    Hopefully I'll find some workbench time. Too cold to head outdoors on this day. Mike's photograph from the Kingston area is a real beauty. Have a great day all.
                    Mike Hamer

                    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                      Merry Christmas eve everyone. Seems even though I'm on vacation I can't sleep past 7:30. I'll probably break that habit and start sleeping later just before I have to go back to work in two weeks!

                      Weather's pretty mild here. just a few degrees below freezing and a couple inches of snow that fell last week. Just another typical Christmas here.

                      Not much to do today. It's just my wife and me so we traditionally go out for dinner on Christmas eve and then drive around and look at Christmas lights.

                      Here's a few Christmas trains courtesy of the Kettle Valley Steam Railway

                      Again Merry Christmas everyone!


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                        Good Christmas Eve morning to you all from the frigid Air Capital, 17* now with some very light flurries on top of the 3" we got over the weekend.

                        Well, the last of the cheap fluorescent ballasts in the train room blew out last night. Will have to wait until the holidays are over to find a replacement. The ACE store across the street usually have one. Was wondering when it would go. The first one almost started a fire as it was smoking a lot.

                        Well, everyone have a very Happy and Merry Christmas id="green">id="size4"> and Santa Claus brought all you wanted.

                        Off to work, be safe.
                        Phil Z

                        POR (press on regardless)


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                          Have a Merry Christmas folks. keep safe
                          Chris Lyon



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                            It's my favorite day of the year! I love Christmas eve! Good morning everyone. I'm at work but will be done soon, at which time we will head over to my son's house for our big Christmas Eve dinner. Lot's of food, drink and good family fun.

                            Michael, that is a real Christmas scene there on your street. It looks nice, but I'm glad it's not here!

                            Well everyone, enjoy your holiday and time with your families!