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  • On30 to the rescue

    id="Times New Roman">id="size4">id="black">Hello all. Recently one of my children asked me why I didn't model in HO. I told them the truth. while I love HO my eyes aren't good enough to work in HO. and with arthritis in my hands little pieces can escape to darn easy. and I enjoy looking at the bigger On30 locos work. Has anyone else experioenced this?

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    Hi Fred. Welcome to the Dark Side. I use to model N and Z gauge, A few years ago I had to start over and turned to On30 for the same reasons you are. Had started one layout and then last June I sold and moved so will be starting a new layout. Come over to the On30 Site and introduce yourself on the lounge. You will find a great bunch of modelers over there, although they may look a little on the scruffy side, they are really pretty nice, once you get to know them.



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      I converted from n scale to ON30 as I love small steam engines and could not get them to run well in n scale. As Jim stated there are a fine bunch of ON30 folks hanging out here.


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        I really didn't convert from any scale although I ran O scale Lionel as a kid and I did spend some time in G scale garden layout.

        ON30 caught my eye. I like steam and life in the 20's and 30's is fascinating. We might be ruff and gruff but we are friendly and helpful group.

        She might not be pretty but she runs.

        Tom M.


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          As you can tell from my signature I love both and enjoy modeling in both scales.
          Chuck Faist

          Burlington, Ontario

          Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!