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  • Four days to Christmas Lounge is OPEN

    Up and at 'em my sleepy RR-L Crew Members, you too Dave.[:-bigeyes2]

    Still raining around here with major flood warnings about. White River is to crest at 19 feet today when 13 feet is flood stage. Someone's going to get their feet wet.

    Very light breakfast this morning as we need to save weight for that big Christmas meal. So just tea and toast for everyone. [}][}][}] See how long that lasts.

    Off to Church in a bit and hope to keep my feet dry in the process as we have to cross the White River just down the road. I'll take my water wings along just in case.

    Everyone have a FUN and SAFE day in the Pre-Christmas days in the Train Yard.

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    Good morning Walt and the rest of the crew. it is raining and 62 degrees here in northern New Jersey. It is hard to believe that the foot of snow that we had is now gone. I would have bet on a white Christmas - and been wrong.

    Today we finish up our packing for our trip to northern Virginia for Christmas. We leave tomorrow morning.

    Have a great day!


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      Hi Walt got a lite spread going this morning,we'll I got some fat pills on the counter and I am making toast with jam. Got up this morning with 64 in the house and no power I guess ill have to work on the layout and watch the game by flash light. Have a good day.tom


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        Dave Mason


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          Good morning Walt, Bruce, Tom and the rest of the crew when they get in. Rain has stopped for a bit, snow mostly gone. Overnight low was 60 degrees. Haven't had a spring-like Birthday in such a long time. I look forward to retirement in a couple more years so I can model 24/7, or so.



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            [:-party]Well, Happy Birthday, Rich![:-party]


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              Well, thanks Bruce, the kids are coming by late in the day for a tasty Beef on Weck, and some cake and ice cream, then its off to plan my next challange project.[:-jumprefect][:-jumprefect][:-propeller][:-propeller]



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                Good morning crew, and Happy Birthday Rich!!! Yup, spring like weather around here as well. No sunshine, but I'll take it. This is my kind of winter!

                I'm off from work today but a load of running around today. I bought my granddaughter one of those record a story story books. Pretty cool, except I got halfway through and find out that it's broken. So now I have to head back to the store, return it and get another. still have some wrapping to do, but for the most part, I'm all done my holiday stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll get some time on the railroad today too!

                Have a great day!


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                  Thanks for opening, Walt. Happy birthday, Rich. Walt, be sure to keep an eye on those water levels. As for me, I woke up to another near foot of snow in the driveway. That's three straight days of shovelling vast amounts of the white stuff. Yuck! Oh well, better than freezing rain, I say!

                  Off to our family Christmas dinner at my brother's place this evening. Hopefully, I'll get a bit of time at the workbench before then. Have a great one everyone! [:-apple]
                  Mike Hamer

                  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                    Good morning, Walt and crew.

                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICH!id="size6">
                    Pat an I were out doing some last minute shopping and had breakfast at Panera. I brought in some cinnamon crunch bagles - no point in everyone suffering just because Walt's on a diet.

                    Have a good day.

                    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                      Morning everyone. Possible light snow here today. Nothing like what the eastern provinces are getting.

                      Had the company Christmas party last night. Had a great time and the food was excellent. Won a couple door prizes and danced the night away with the love of my life.

                      Today, wrap some Christmas presents and work on my PFE reefer project.

                      Everyone have a great day


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                        Good afternoon, all, and wishes for a good birthday to Rich. It's in the mid '30s (F), overcast and damp on the NH seacoast today; maybe ice before dawn tomorrow. I still have a good deal of snow even though it topped out at about 58 F here yesterday. I'm saving the remainder of my holiday shopping for Monday afternoon, since I'm not working and at least some of my potential parking lot competitors must.


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                          Oh sorry I missed it. Happy Birthday Rich!


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                            Afternoon all! Been out and about most of the day. Just got back in.

                            I'll have some warmed over coffee if there's any left...