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  • Santa Claus role

    I just got back from a wonderful evening dressing and playing the part of Santa Claus for my two grand Daughters ages 1 & 2. Do any of you do the same?
    Bill Shanaman

    New Haven RR

    Hartford Division

    in Colorado.

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    I'll bet that you had a great time.

    No, I've never done that. A good friend of ours did it for out two oldest sons when they were little munchkins. Great memories.


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      Hi Bill,I once had to play the role of Santa.

      I was a 19 years old at the time,and the guy they hired to play Santa called in sick.

      So they asked if anyone would be willing to fill in for him,and no one volunteered.

      So I said that I would give it a try.

      They laughed at me,and said I was to young to play Santa,but not having anyone else they had no choice but to give me a chance.

      I got the Santa outfit on that they had,stuffed my pants with a big pillow.

      My helpers which were cute teen girls,put some blush on my cheeks,and then the beard and I was transformed into Santa.

      My Santa gig lasted for about 2 hours,and I had a great time with all of the kids.

      And even the nay sayers who thought I was to young,later admitted that they thought I had done a good job,considering my age.

      Ho Ho Ho![;-xmas]

      Greg Shinnie


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        Greg, you play Santa for us here at the forum with all the gifts you give as modelling tips on your great build threads. Ho Ho Ho! [:-apple] [:-apple]
        Mike Hamer

        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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          Mike,thank you!

          With comments like that,you have definitely made it onto my nice list! [:-angel]

          Greg Shinnie