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    Much coal has been discovered along the right of way of the Black Bear Lumber operations, timber sources have been dwindling and lukber prices are down. The Coal Fork Mining Group was formed to take advantage of these resourses and an offer to buy out the lumber compay holdings and railroad was tendered

    I am taking advantage of the current trend here toward modulels and smaller railroads with more simplicity. My health issues in the recent past have made it harder to do some work by my self, so a look toward easier things is a must and use of existing materials is the key. Follow along as I start this new journey.


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    Following! Good to have you back amongst us, Mark.


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      Me too, we're with ya Mark!!
      That\'s fine, it\'ll make another trip kid.



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        Hi what's the plan for the coal company? Will you be working on a module soon?

        Look forward to seeing what you come up with.



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          I will be following along.


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            Great…hope to see the black diamonds rolling soon! Coal mining is in the family on my father's side…it will be fun to watch you delve into this new venture (pun intended).


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              Sounds great, Mark!

              I also subscribed - and looking forward to seeing what you can Dig up!! []

              (Pun also intended!)

              Carmine * CEO, Engineer, and Janitor * Pacific Belt RR, since 1975!!

              NCE & TCS, w/Keep-Alive ONLY!!

              PBRR Page:


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                Thank you All, for the kind words and encouragement.

                The first module will be a 2'x 5' and will be the engine house, loco facilities and such left by the logging co., but being updated for use by the coal railroad. At the bottom right hand corner will be the tractor repair shed. The old logging tractors are getting rebuilt to be used in the mining and railroad upgrding.



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                  Good for you Mark!!

                  I know how you feel, a big layout is just too much

                  to handle. I am looking forward to your progress,

                  and your ideas.....;-)

                  Good luck!


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                    I'm in, good to see ya back at it Mark !


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                      Thanks Geezer and Martin.

                      The secondond Moduel will be 2'x4' and will fit to the first one at a a 90 mdegree angle to form a corner. This mod will have the switch to the tractor repair shed track and a siding to a small one horse mine. It will end at a new tunnel throgh the mountain and have an abandoned main for the logging rr running off the front right hand corner. This all should keep me busy for several months as time and money last. I will only need minimal new track and switches above what I have on hand. Most of the buildings I have ready or in various stages of completion. Partial bechwork is ready to be finished with minimal purchase of any new lumber.

                      So, once my strenghth is back up and my daughter comes in next week, I should get started after Christmas.



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                        I'll be following with interest. 2' x 4' module will be a nice size to work with.
                        Tom M.


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                          A new nice adventure just about to begin. Always exciting!


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                            The merits of a fresh start always outway the sadness of letting the old layout go.

                            With the moves I've made in my career, I've pulled a couple of nice layouts down that were just starting to operate nicely. But I ALWAYS got jazzed up about the new layout within 15mins. of starting demolition!

                            Looking forward to seeing a line of coal hoppers making their way "down to the junction"........



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                              Mark, looks like i am not the only one starting over on a new layout this winter. I am considering 30" x 48" modules. using a half sheet of 4'x5' structural plywood as my base sheet over 1x4 or maybe 1x3 framing. Corner modules will be 30" x 48" x 48" x 30".

                              Looking forward to watching your progress.