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    Hi All

    Went to my local railroad modelling club last night and took my mate Max Burke along, he doesn't come along very often. Our illustrious club president, who is also into narrow gauge approached us about doing a narrow gauge display at our upcoming club exhibition in early November.

    Narrow gauge is very under represented around here with nearly all the layouts at our show being HO except for a couple of N Gauge layouts.

    By the time our conversation ended it was decided that we would do 2 static dioramas each, there are 4 NG modellers in the club, one of whom is sick with the flu and doesn't know about this cunning little plan yet!

    Murray if you're out there your welcome to come aboard as well!

    The diorama modules will be approximately 700mm x 400mm. I couldn't believe how excited Max got about the project, by the time we were heading home he already had one half designed and was talking about dragging out some old bridges that hadn't seen daylight for quite awhile.

    So that is the challenge 2 diorama's in six weeks! It will be interesting as I've never actually done scenery before, just loco's, rolling stock and buildings.

    So if any of you guys have any input don't be shy as I will need all the help I can get!
    Cheers Dave

    don\'t put off till tomorrow what you can do the next day

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    Sounds like a great project. Deadlines are always good to get projects going.
    Chuck Faist

    Burlington, Ontario

    Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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      This sounds like a fun project, looking forward to seeing it develop.
      Ron Newby

      General Manager

      Clearwater Valley Railway Co.


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        Originally posted by elwoodblues

        This sounds like a fun project, looking forward to seeing it develop.

        Exactly what I was thinking.


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          Yeah I will be watching, I like medium size dioramas to try out new techniques, to photograph new engines and rolling stock. I have been contemplating rennovating (recycling) a dio base....I will be following along.



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            Hmmmmm....will be lurking, watching for new ideas.....

            Great idea & thanks for sharing.


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              Sounds like an interesting project, I want to keep an eye on. Have subscribed!!


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                You've put me on the spot now Geezer, I was planning on steeling some of your ideas .

                Made a start, built the module bases last night, ended up being 600 x 400 due to the size of the MBF sheets I'm using for a base. Will get into it over the weekend and hopefully have some progress photo's as well.

                Max has already made a start so I will probably post some photo's of his progress as well. He has a three tier display cabinet that we're that we will show some loco's in as well, he has some pretty rare types of loco's that hopefully will get people interested in narrow gauge modelling, that is the object of the exercise, we're going to lead the horses to water and see what happens.

                We think we have another modeller on board Hon30, fingers crossed.
                Cheers Dave

                don\'t put off till tomorrow what you can do the next day