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  • Scenery backdrop for your use

    Hi folks,

    I have seen a lot of questions on the boards (here and elsewhere) this summer relating to backdrops and where to find them, how to make them and that sort of thing. Most that know my layouts also know that I make my own backdrops.

    With that said, I was going through some of my files and found one that I never used for my own layouts and thought I would share it with "anyone who wants it". Of course you'd have to have it printed which is honestly very easy.

    This one is made from 11 side by side images stitched together to give this view you see. I shot this in the Shenandoah National Forest this past spring. The master image is a regular JPEG image file a little over 17 megabites in file size but when printed to size measures 24" x 60". It is approximately scaled to 1:48.

    Everything on the bottom just below the tree line is scaled the same so when printed to size it can be mounted to the back of a layout and raised up or down to suit a layout section, module or diorama.

    Link to full image --> I have this stored on my photography website and you can just go there and download it. If you want to use it, just save the master jpeg image to your computer and then print or upload to print lab. If you need help, let me know.

    I shared a different one that I did with Bill "Geezer" here on the forums, so he may comment about using the same print lab to have it printed. That info is on the page with the master image. Please remember, this is for your personal non-commercial use. If you use it - cool, if not cool, but do not sell it. If you use it as your backdrop in a magazine or whatever, just credit me for the backdrop art. Joey Ricard! I may have a couple more that I can upload as time allows.

    Here is a composite I did to see how it would look when I created it for this module.

    And here is a composite I did to check the relation of the backdrop with a shot of the model superimposed. Scale looks pretty good.

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    Thank you Joey !!
    That\'s fine, it\'ll make another trip kid.



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      Thank you for sharing with us, Joey.


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        Joey, thanks for that and for the link to the printing company. very nice

        Dave Mason


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          Thanks Joey.


          Peter G


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            Very very nice.



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              Thanks for the image, did I miss the link to the print company? any special directions to be used?



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                My pleasure folks

                The online lab I use for this sort of thing is

                Just to clarify - I have no affiliation with them and I am a customer. I found them a while back and use them for my poster type work that I do because my regular lab does not print in these large sizes. I choose standard matte paper for this sort of thing. I use this because it does not reflect light. This is not archival paper for fine art images or anything special, but it works good for something like this.

                If you use this lab, here are the settings I used for my Slaty Fork backdrop which you have seen in may of my photos and videos. This one is the same size and output. So, just check the settings when it asks.

                Choose Standard Matte Paper

                Choose Use the horizontal dimension to calculate the vertical

                and when you "add to your cart, you should end up with this:

                Horiz: 60.000"

                Vert: 24.004"

                standard matte

                Cut: tosize

                "photo name"

                Now, I posted this little tid bit I made a while back about how "I" mount this print.

                I will say that if you do it this way or similar, make sure you mount it to a solidly backed material with little to no flex. This will help eliminate bubbles.

                I would strongly suggest mounting it to some sort of hard board or solid material so you don't get the flex. I use 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, but I am sure there are many other ways of adhering it to your back material. This is just "how I do it" and not the only way.


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                  Excellent Joey !! Would love to try it and take pictures for my layout backdrop...but it's a long travel for me..btw no companies in the US that print on Forex or extruded PVC foam, in my group we do print a lotta backdrops on that material..