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Where was this photo taken?

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  • Where was this photo taken?

    Maybe someone can help identify this location? I do not recognize that brick building in the back.

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    The link thats in your post took 500years and still didnt load ,but I seen your post on Railroad line and saw the pic. The building looks like it may be somewhere in Hercules. Though we go in there maybe once a week and many of the buildings are gone,there are a few that resemble the one in the photo...also,looking forward to your updated website,are the links up and running?...Joe
    Delivering yesterdays freight,tomorrow.


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      There was a general issue with over the weekend of 7 Sept and into the next week, which has been fixed according to its webmaster. I was having the same issue trying to view other photos on that site.

      All should be well now.


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        Hercules. Look at the cheap roof on a well built building. Designed to blow off if the nitrocellulose has an "incident".