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Strange sight outside the yard, I think(?)

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  • Strange sight outside the yard, I think(?)

    While running errands today I saw, rather I heard, a train slowly moving by - not at all uncommon here, but I was drawn to pay particular attention because of how loud the engine was running - and upon a closer look I saw a UPY GP-15-1 "moving" a full container train - complete with two SD-70Ms "leading" but not powered up (?) There is usually some power in the back, but i couldn't see far enough down the line to tell if it was there, and if so, if it was helping(?)

    Sorry about the out-of-the-car window pics - but, you get the point.

    I dont know enough about rail operations [:-paperbag] to know if this sort of move is actually fairly common or why they might do it? maybe room needed in the yard but the crew wasn't in yet?

    I suspect someone here can clear this up - or at least what they think was going on...



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    I think it's probably a local/situational thing, and that you're probably right about needing room in the yard. There might have been some paperwork required for starting the road power, or getting a taxi to bring the yard crew back had they used the road power to move the train to whevever, and it was just simpler to drag it with the switcher.


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      Thanks - makes sense. This caught my eye because I usually see GP 38-2 or 15-1 or even GP 38-2 with a Genset, swithcing/delivering short loads - 1 to maybe 12 cars for local delivery - but a GP 15 moving a full container load plus power was quite a sight. I had no idea the GP had that much power. Under the load, that engine was roaring - I heard it clearly a few blocks away -




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