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  • Ducks Nest Pond

    Hi all,

    I have some questions about Duck's Nest Pond:

    1. When did it open? 1910s?

    2. When did it close? 1970s?

    3. Was it owned and maintained by Hercules?

    4. Was it true that Hercules had their own pond for their employees?

    5. What is it today? A Park? Private Property?

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    It's a park.



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      Thanks Dave! SO is it a public park that anyone can just drive up to and visit?


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        Jeff Hart and I tracked it down in 2010.



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          Hi Tom,

          I took swimming and lifesaving lessons there when I was a teenager so I know it was fully open throughout the 70's. It was owned and operated by the town then, but I do not know if Hercules owned it previously. They may have since their entrance was right next to it. I was surprised to find it closed to swimming when we took our friends from Germany there in 2010, and judging by the overgrowth I'd say it had been closed for swimming for sometime, probably since the late 80's or early 90's. It was gated and I believe only available to use for picnics by permit or something like that. Put it this way, there was enough there to keep us from going in; we just looked in through the fence and saw pretty much the same that is in the picture that Dave posted.

          As for a Hercules pond or pool, I do believe it had one or the other, because whan I was much younger my father worked there and we used to go there for their summer picnics. But since he left there in 1971, that was something we did in the 60's and I just cannot remember clearly. I will ask my mother if she remembers or if she has pictures of us there.



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            Hey Stranger

            First how the family?

            #1 Do not know

            #2 Late 80's Sayreville change the name to Baily Park.

            #3 Sayreville parks owned and operated the park

            #4 Yes Hercules did have a pond that they Maintained for their employees and also RRRR families. That is where I learned to swim

            #5 Today is just a over ground pond, filled with Candian Greese, it not use as a park, but it is still private property. I try to get back to the pond to see what is there, could not find a hole in the fence.

            Ken Stockton


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              Hey Tom

              Duck's Nest was actually an emergency water supply in case of fire.

              Was very handy for fire engines, etc. because of the small mains in the street.

              The pumpers would drop suction into the pond and go to town.

              Got used once or twice that I know of.

              Nice to see you again.