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NG Convention in Pasasdena Ca

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  • NG Convention in Pasasdena Ca

    Any one going next week to the convention?

    Mike M

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    I will be there!


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      I can't be there, but my In-ko-pah Railroad is on the layout tour!


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        Personally, I have not been to any type of Model Railroad convention since I was 18 yrs old. That was 39 years ago.

        I was trying to decide what to do. Not interested in the individual clinics, since we here at the Forums conduct clinics everyday. Might be fun to meet the suppliers. Due to work schedules, it will be tough to do layout tours.

        Mike M


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          I can't make it.

          Hope those that do take lots of pictures and post them here.


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            We leave Tuesday morning stop by and say Hi will be there all 3 days

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            two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.

            --John Adams


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              Has anyone posted any pictures yet??
              Were we go one We go All


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                Our layout was on the tour today. I was curious to see how many folks would come so far south (I'm in San Diego). We had at least 27 people come to see our layout. About half were from the convention, including a group from France -- the rest were local club members and a few neighbors. Fun stuff!


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                  Craig, Bill Beverly provided these Flickr links for pictures of things seen at the convention :




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                    Thanks Frederic, for posting the pictures. Hope there are more to come.

                    Did Malcolm Furlow show up?


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                      Thanks for the photos. Those are great


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                        Thanks for the links Frederic.

                        Ray posted he had pictures that he'd post shortly.

                        Look forward to seeing them.

                        Hope others have pictures as well.


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                          Frederic, thanks for posting the links to Bill's photos. The first link is photos of the contest winners. The second is photos of the On30 module room, where all the groups connected their modules together into one huge On30 layout.

                          Arthur, I don't know if Malcom Furlow was there, I did not see him or hear that he was present. I know Chuck Doan was there, but did not have the opportunity to meet him.

                          I did meet a bunch of terrific modelers in all scales, and had a fantastic time. Here are a few photos:

                          Here's Bachmann's new Davenport...the beast is really heavy, Lee Riley told me it's all metal, with two exciter speakers. The sound card has two distinct engines audible, and the sound was great (as far as I could tell in a noisy hall).

                          The loco is bigger than I thought it would be...nicely etched open grilles on the end of each hood, it looks very nice.

                          Here's the ran very smoothly.

                          This is the motley crew assembled for the slightly rowdy ON30 meeting on Friday. The fellow sitting beside the projector with the impressive hair is Chris Lane. There were a lot of laughs and George Riley gave a great presentation on working with wood craftsman kits. There was a lot of On30 representation in the modules, this meeting, and in the contest. First, some module photos:

                          Here are some contest entries that I wanted to share:

                          This is El Burrito Poco, an O scale restaurant with On30 branch behind it, by Jim Shults. (Hope I spelled the name right!)

                          The band is animated, and there was a sound track of them performing - it won the special award for special effects sponsored by Fantasonics.

                          This diorama was entered by 17-year-old Tyler Virga, who I had the opportunity to meet. He won the youth award for his terrific large scale tractor in front of a barn. It's great to see young people in the hobby, and we will certainly be seeing more of this fellow's outstanding workmanship.

                          This was my diorama entry, the structures some of you may recognize.

                          The diorama has a custom sound system I installed with dual speakers hidden behind the buildings, and the sound board and amplifier hidden in the Mercantile. The sound tracks (there are four different ones) have the sounds of mission bells ringing, and these banditos threatening the pig that is in the fountain honoring El Macho, their fallen leader. The lovely Rosa is walking over to save the poor porker from a grisly end - she will distract the tipsy caballeros and offer them a round in the cantina.

                          It was a great four days, I hope to attend future conventions as time and resources permit.


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                            Great photos Verne, excellent work from all especially you! and nice to see the Chuckawalla Slim wagon that you had featured in an article not too long ago. Thanks


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                              Verne, thanks for the great pics.

                              Excellent job on the diorama.