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    Good morning crew,

    Coffee is perking and the water boiling for the tea lovers.

    This morning we eggs your way with sides of bacon, ham or sausage. Home fries and Has browns. Toast and English muffins butter and assorted jams & Jelly's.

    Weather is a lot nicer this am partly sunny and 72 in South Jersey.

    Well a new week what do you have planned???

    We have to leave for the beach as all the kids and grandkids have assembled in Seaside Park for there vacation.

    Everyone have a great day!!!

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln

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    GOOD Morning Jerry and the rest of the RR-L Crew when they drag in here.

    Just my usual "bread and water" please but I will have jelly on that toasted bread.

    My week is pretty well planned out. Today is work, tomorrow is work and every day the rest of the week. Otherwise I'm just going to relax and enjoy my retirement. I do have two meetings and a doctor's appointment to fit in there somewhere. Temps here are cool this morning but a promise of hot weather later today so the AC will stay on. It's automatic switching between heat and AC so as long as the doors and windows are closed it takes care of itself.

    Still looking at rental RV units and hope we can get away in April for a week to see how we like that way of traveling. Maybe we'll like it so much I'll sell Rusty Stumps and take to the road permanently. Nah, I'd probably end up being part of the road! [}]

    Everyone have a Fun and Save day in the Train Yard.


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      Morning. Take to the road...seriously? RVs are just too much work.

      Finding a place to park...legally. Cleaning out the holding tank....yuck.

      And a crummy bed to sleep on. Not for us.

      I'm off to another new customers job for the week. Keep 'em coming I say.

      Oh, the clambake was great yesterday. I had my double serving of steamers. Skipped a lot of the other heavy stuff. Besides, the chorizo was way overcooked. But the Italian sausage was perfect as was the varied deserts.
      Dave Mason


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        Good morning, Jerry and crew. It looks like our day is a rain-out, so I hope to spend some time at the work bench. I need to do a strip wood inventory since I'm out of a couple sizes and I hate to run out in the middle of a project.

        Have a good day.

        With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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          Good morning all. My second time posting. It's great to hear what you guys are up to. It looks to be another warm day here on Longboat Key. Make it a great day!! ......... Ken


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            Dave, you live in a cave. Here's a link to the RV we'll be renting. They are 2015 models with queen size beds.


            Go to the Gallery and see the 34BH photos. Yeah, a real dump I'd say. [}]


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              Good Monday All

              Just had Egg on English muffin, tasty.

              Nice RV, can't imagine trying to drive something that big.



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                Bright sun and warm in MI. Rental might be ok, Walt but for the price of a rig like that I feel that as little as I travel I could spend the night in the nicest place in town where ever I go for a lot less than the payments and upkeep on any of those big rigs, plus I'd rather not drive anything that big any more.

                Serviced the John Deere today, long over due but hadn't felt like much of that stuff until after I had surgery in July. My ears and dizziness have greatly improved so has my dispositon.

                No modeling right now, too much of that retirement stuff here, too.

                BE SAFE!!
                Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                Cedar Swamp
                SW of Manistique, MI

                Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                  Had a 35' BlueBird Wanderlodge for awhile, this thing was a tank, 28,000 lbs dry, 260 gallon fuel tank, 5 mpg or was it 5 gallons per mile. 10 liter turbo diesel, 65 mph max. It needed a few more horses for sure.

                  Sold it and went with a 23' Barth, was like switching to a Porsche.
                  Sitting along side the orignal Central Pacific Rail Road.

                  Home of The Great On30 Barn Meet, that will be held May 16th 2015


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                    Walt, maybe you should watch RV with Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels and the rest of the cast so you know what not to do before you rent.
                    Phil Z

                    POR (press on regardless)


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                      Phil, Dave Mason was probably in on that Crew with Robin Williams. [smirk]


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                        Good afternoon, all. Welcome, Lussie, hope you have a good day next to the beach. So far today, my RR activities have been limited to visiting two hardware stores, a military/gaming place and a hobby shop looking for 36" lengths of K&S brass wire, but no joy; the long railing I need to build will take a little more effort to make good looking. I also left the hobby shop without either of the RTR B&M switchers they had, because neither of them is a high priority for operating the layout as it now stands.


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                          Just make sure you're sitting down when you get the selling price of that Class A rig. And Mary better be sitting too.

                          Nope, not now and never was on any RV crew. I'm with Karl....stay in a nice place and enjoy the trip instead of working it.
                          Dave Mason


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                            Dave, you didn't READ my post, we are NOT buying it, we are renting it for a week. Get your eyes checked when you get your new hearing aid!

                            :erm: [}][}]


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                              Good afternoon to the entire crew. I was up and outside early, getting some door and window frames ready to paint in the 1-1 world. Most of our windows are vinyl-clad, but we still have four entrance doors, two garage doors, a large picture window and three basement windows that are painted wood. That is not my favorite pastime by any stretch of the imagination. I still have a way to go before I open a can of paint.

                              After lunch I headed up to the pistol range to try out some new handloads.

                              Enjoy the rest of the day!