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    Good morning from the sunny Jersey Highlands, where it is 54 degrees and sunny. We should reach the low 70's today which will be higher than yesterday's high of 67 degrees. This is mid-August, right?

    Breakfast today is eggs and corned beef hash, or eggs and bacon, your choice. If you are lucky, you might end up with a double yolked egg or two, as one of new ladies has been giving us a few. As always, there is plenty of our own Railbender Blend of coffee.

    As we are quickly approaching fall and modeling time should pick up, what will be next on your modeling agenda? For me, it will be finishing up the scratch built school bus on rails that I was working on last winter.

    Have a great day!

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    Morning Bruce and crew

    I'll have some eggs & bacon and a cup of that coffee Bruce. Thanks for getting us stated this am.

    It's cool in South Jersey this am to. Sunny but 65 going into the mid 80's.

    I'm going to try to finish this Ore Bin before the EXPO.

    Then a SWCM kit from Brett.

    Everyone have a great day!!!

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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      Good Morning Bruce, Jerry and the rest of the RR-L Crew when they arrive at the lounge. Thanks, I'll stick with my toast and tea.

      COOL here this morning with a temp of 55 degrees and this is August yet. Not going to get real warm today either. heck if one has to wear a sweater this time of year.

      Need to get busy packing orders and making new stuff to fill the others. Seems the economy has switched for the better or folks are just saying the heck with it.

      Everyone have a FUN and SAFE day in the TRAIN YARD. Sorry, no more of Dave's DOG pictures.


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        Good morning, Bruce and crew. It's going to be in the 70'a here in Hampton Roads today. I'm enjoying it.

        Projects? I have a couple club projects to finish before I think of anything new. Come to think of it, I have some unfinished projects of my own that need my attention. :erm:

        Have a good day.

        With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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          Another nice day here. Great breakfast Dave. I like hash and eggs!

          Finished the customers job and got paid TOO!

          And another customer confirmed his plan. I guess make it while the making is good.


          Dave Mason


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            Good morning Bruce and all. If those eggs were fertilized, would they produce two viable chicks? (No, I don't mean the ones in the pan!)

            I plan to very soon finish the updated Ambroid reefer I've been working on for months and to complete the thread I've been writing about it. I also need to put the finishing touches on an iron front city building I've been doing for Chuck (WVRR.)



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              Good late morning from Michigan, party cloudy and cool here this morning.

              I just returned home from the family doc and he said I was doing well.

              Not much new here, Bruce, plenty of projects to get back into. Back at my yard project is the most likely to get some attention. I'd would really like to get that done and get the layout infrastructure finished up and running and get back into scenery and buildings.

              1:1 projects here today. Our chickens still not producing, soon I hope or we'll have a strong diet of bird for awhile.

              Everyone have a good day.

              BE SAFE!!
              Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

              Cedar Swamp
              SW of Manistique, MI

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                Originally posted by Thorn Creek and Western

                Good morning Bruce and all. If those eggs were fertilized, would they produce two viable chicks? (No, I don't mean the ones in the pan!)

                Dave, I believe that the answer is yes, they might product twins, but the likelihood of them successfully making it out of the egg alive is very slim. One reason is that there is not enough egg white available to feed both embryos.