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Smoky Mtn Travelogue on the Little River RR

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  • Smoky Mtn Travelogue on the Little River RR

    Here is a 1920's style black and white travelogue filmed on the Little River RR in the Smoky Mountains of my back yard.

    Col W.B.Townsend (owner of the LRRR and lumber operations) did advertise for tourists to ride his trains in to the Smoky Mountains. While following the rails of his logging outfit the RR did expose thousands to the beauty of the Smokies. This influx of folks eventually led to the formation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park after all the trees had been harvested.

    Here is my attempt at playing up the fun tourists would have on this nifty rail road in the mountains of East Tennessee

    Hope you all enjoy it.


    Doc Tom and the Little River RR guys in East Tennessee.

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    Very entertaining, Tom. I liked the way you mixed the real life and model photos and videos together to tell the story.

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      Very cool Tom.

      Thanks for posting.


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        What a fun project. Thanks for sharing.


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          Nicely done! I have a second home in Gatlinburg and often hike and do landscape photography there..... do photography around where the Little River RR came into "Wonderland Lodge" area at Elkmont. I also was just hiked through the area of the original "Hiking Club" in Greenbrier.


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            Thanks Guys. Glad you liked the movie.

            Danny, about 30 years ago my wife and I stayed at the Wonderland Lodge in Elkmont before it was shuttered and allowed to fall apart during the back to nature vs preservation debate on the structures in the Elkmont area.

            I am glad you noticed the old Smoky Mtn Hiking Club in the video. In the research I did for this project I learned that this club did a lot to construct the Appalachian Trail and helped with the push to build a National Park on lands that had been logged over.

            One of the joys of prototype modelling is learning all the neat history that goes along with the prototype you are modelling.



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              Yes indeed. Interesting. Didn't know that about the club.


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                Very Nice !! :up: :up: