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    I was visiting family and friends in the Outaouais Region (Gatineau - Ottawa) and took half a day to look for Hobby Shop. I did not find anything RR wise in Gatineau and in Ottawa the only place I remember was Hobby House, which I went too.

    Well. I know where things are (the good shop and the one to avoid) in Quebec city, Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary. But could not find anything comparable in Gatineau-Ottawa: Hobby House left me disapointed.

    Is there any good shop in Gatineau-Ottawa I was unaware off?

    Thank you

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    Hi MLW. There is a great model railroad shop south of Ottawa called Lark Spur Line. They carry a great deal of HO scale items. They are located in Merrickville, Ontario which is a 45 minute drive south of the city. They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday from 12 noon to 4:30 PM. The store has a large stock of merchandise although the website doesn't show much. Hope this helps.
    Mike Hamer

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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      Merci Mike

      You are right, the website is not great. Seems to be an "eastern" thing, since Montreal and Quebec city have good shop but lacking in the website department (when there's one) Oh well!

      So, being in Ottawa do you do lots of mail order?

      Just asking since I could not find anything worthwhile on my visit

      Thanks again



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        Naw, we go to a lot of train shows
        Ron Newby

        General Manager

        Clearwater Valley Railway Co.


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          Hi Syl,

          Ron's right. Tons of lads spend their money at the big train shows. Many order on-line as well. I know Lark Spur, the hobby shop I mentioned, does a large on-line business. Often, when modellers order on-line, they are actually supporting hobby shops.

          Syl, I'm flying overseas tomorrow and will be gone for two weeks. Will you still be in the Ottawa area when I return. It would be great to get together! [:-apple]
          Mike Hamer

          Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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            Hobby House is on Montreal Road west of the Vanier Parkway. Standard hobby shop fair with mostly MSRP prices. Lots of RTR, minimal detail parts. I live an hour south of Ottawa and usually mail order stuff to my address in the US and broker it through customs. When I go to Montreal on business I stop at Hobby Jonction and Udisco, but it is rare now that I go there on business. Lark Spur is well stocked, but can be pricy as well. They do have loads of detail parts, which is usually what I hunt for when I go to hobby shops during trips.

            Hope this helps.


            PS, Safe Trip Mike, Europe? Uk?

            Phillip Blancher

            Modelling the Rutland in 1957



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              Hi Mike. That sounds great! It will have to be next time since I am already "out west". I'll let you know next time I am in town.

              Enjoy your trip.

              Thanks all for your feedback.

              Note: I also do business with Credit Valley RR (Ont) and they have great price and excellent service.