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It is kind of hot in the southwest

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  • It is kind of hot in the southwest

    I was in Dallas and when I left Thursday it was 107 degrees. Yesterday I was in Phoenix where the forecast was for 119 degrees. Fortunately, the temperature did not get that high, it was a mere 114. Today, in Valencia, my home town it was 111 degrees.

    Since we don;t have cool basements here in southern California, I am going to turn on the A/C and when my train room cools down, I will stay there.

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    Good luck with the heat Jim. Me, I'd be in a body bag if we had that kind of weather![:0]


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      Wow, that's hot! Stay in the shade, Jim.

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        I much prefer the heat in the summer to the cold of the winter, but even that is a little too hot.
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          I live about 65 miles north of Dallas and believe me this is great. We've actually had a cool spring/summer this year. Thursday and Friday were our first triple-digit temperatures this year. We usually start in the first week of June and have 15-18 days by now. Nothing compared to Phoenix though. What's also unusual is that the next 8-10 days the temperature is not supposed to go much above 90 with night temperatures dipping into the mid to low 60's. It must be that global warming thing!


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            Greetings from sunny Arizona. It has indeed been on the warm side here. This was taken Friday, yesterday it was a bit warmer, not sure if it broke 120 or not.

            Still getting by with just the swamp cooler, which is in the connected shop and blows all the way through the house, out the master bedroom. The humidity is on the way up though, wont be long before the swamp cooler becomes ineffective. We did hit the AC for a couple hours yesterday while I had the shop closed off to mill some wood. The stack you see here is 1,488 b.f. of Sugar Pine , most of which is becoming 1x6 T&G and going on the ceiling in the new 650 sf addition that connects the shop to the house. Plenty O scale lumber to be had from the scraps of this project ....

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              P.S. That thermometer is in the shade of out porch on the north side of the house, the light you see is the flash from the camera, as it is dark under there.

              Not sure if I am missing something, but I don't see an edit button for my post.
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                Uhhh... way too warm for me. Stay cool and hydrated guys.
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                  looks like the thermometer melted a little on one side.

                  only 104 here today in Sacramento ca area
                  Sitting along side the orignal Central Pacific Rail Road.

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                    Good eye on the melted thermometer jcoop. It is melted, but from being next to a lightbulb in an egg incubator. Temp is around 115 right now. I guess they don't call it the Desert for nothing. I am sure all of the global warming nuts are banging their gongs loudly these past few days. "We all need to ride bicycles and live in cubicles and send all of our money to ManBearPig or we will all die!" [:-alien]
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                      Hey Jim and Crew,

                      Talk about HOT!!! Yesterday, it was a toasty 123 degrees [:-hot][:-hot] in our little section of Paradise which is to say, near Palm Springs, CA. More of the same today, but relief is at hand, down to a chilly 115 [:-cold][:-cold] by tomorrow.

                      Catch y'all later.

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