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    I know it's early and sorry I missed the beer last night but coffee is on with tea, orange juice and the fixens for toast. To early to start cooking it would be cold by the time you guys roll in. Going to set up for Lucy's show this morning have to be there early so will see you later. Tom

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    Good morning, Tom and crew. I see a few of the members spent the night here and are still sleeping, so we better not make too much noise.

    We're having a beautiful day here in Hampton Roads. It's supposed to hit 80 and the humidity is low. I'm heading to the club later this morning to run some trains. We have visitors coming, so it's going to be a day of running and talking trains.

    Have a good day.

    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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      Good morning Tom and George plus the rest of the RR-L Crew when they arrive. Going to be a pleasant day here in the Crossroads of America, central Indiana. Sun is rising in the east and it's a mild day out there.

      Got the car packed up with items to take up to the St. Vincent De Paul center then I need to get back here by noon, shower and get over to church to be a CM for a wedding this afternoon. That'll be a new one for me. I'll watch the photographer real close to see how he/she does. I've sworn not to do wedding photos but I might learn something here. [laugh]

      Everyone have a Fun and Safe day at the Train Yard.


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        Good morning crew. Thanks Tom for opening and the breakfast fixings. It is a beautiful sunny day her in southern Ontario. So we will be spending lots of time outdoors. Got all of the bents started for the wood trestle I am building. Just have to put the second cross brace in on each of them and then install the NBWs and touch up the weathering. Have a great day!
        Chuck Faist

        Burlington, Ontario

        Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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          Morning Tom, crew and yes, Walt too. Coffee is just fine. Already had asparagus and poached egg on toast. One of my favorites.

          Sun is out so some yard work needs doing.

          Dave Mason


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            Good morning Tom and the rest of the crew. We are in northern Virginia for the day and will head back to northern New Jersey tomorrow morning.

            The weather here yesterday and today is outstanding - temps around 80 degrees and very low humidity.

            I am enjoying this period of rest before I make the two week mad dash to the finish line on the job.

            Have a great day!


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              ugh, man can't you guys be a little quieter please, remind me not to sleep on the couch again. Thanks for the coffee, Tom

              mid 70's now climbing to the upper 80's with a good chance of T-storms. There is already a big blob of green and yellow in the middle of Kansas.

              Off to get a paper and some new shots of the street work.

              Back later,
              Phil Z

              POR (press on regardless)


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                Sun is hiding in the thin clouds this morning, rather pleasant and calm outside.

                No plans here today.

                Everyone have a good day.

                BE SAFE!!
                Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                Cedar Swamp
                SW of Manistique, MI

                Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                  Mornin' kids,

                  I got sleep in for a while this morning which was nice. My son was up uber late last night so he didn't get up until almost 9 today. The other day he decided he wanted his Thomas trains taken down from the attic. Back story: About 6 months ago he "didn't really like trains any more." Since I have gotten back in to the swing of modeling on a regular basis his interest has grown again. That makes me happy ! Anyway, he was so excited the morning after we had taken down the Thomas stuff down that he was up at 5am - "dad come see my layout - get up you have to come see what I built!" No, I didn't respond well, but I did have to get for work anyway.

                  Gotta go, getting ready for a long day of socializing at grad parties. Oh joy.

                  Good day all!

                  Joe id="maroon">

                  Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. Pro 9:9id="navy">


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                    Gooood Mornin,' All!

                    Grey, warm and calm here in the northern mitten, and coffee is definitely on the agenda. Thanks!

                    I notice the fire engine arriving and I see the bakery truck and the freezer truck right behind it, so let's clear a place on the table for an enormous cake to celebrate Greg (Ensign) Shinnie's fifty-first. He's now Officially "IN his fifties." [:-party]

                    Once we get all the candles lit we'll get Greg to blow them out before we burn down the Lounge (hence the fire engine), dispense with the singing and eat. The guys on Engine Five are generally good for a party, so please make them welcome!

                    After we get the place cleaned up, we'll declare a Holiday Routine, so anyone not on watch is on liberty.


                    in Michigan


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                      Hey, guys,

                      Just rolling out? That beer will do it every time.

                      Funny thing happened to me at Walmart this morning. I picked up one of those fans on a stand for my shop. Suddenly, I called the saleslady over and I said,"Lady, there must be something seriously wrong here. It says on this box, 'Made in the U.S.A.'

                      We both had a big laugh out of it, but it is about time someone begins carrying USA items.

                      Anyway, its back outside for me and more yard work later. Going up around 95 with about 95% humidity. Whew. I feel it already.

                      Yall have a great day.



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                        Good morning guys, it looks like its going to be a great one today! Except for Karl's area, it seems the sun is out and threatening to be a Great day.


                        Growing Old is Mandatory
                        .... Growing up is optional!


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                          Good afternoon, all. It's nice in the lower Merrimack Valley, the sun is drying us out after the last blast of rain. I did some scenery work this morning, but this afternoon I need to go work on the boat.