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Friday Evening Lounge - Beer Included.

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  • Friday Evening Lounge - Beer Included.

    It's been a while since we've had the lounge open in the evening. We can't get Bruce to quit his day job and take up brewing that good Dutchman Ale, so there seems to be no interest in an evening opening. In the absence of some Dutchman to drink, I brought in my favorite beer, Bitburger, for the crew to sample.

    Maybe this will encourage some of you to stop by for a while.

    We spent the day up in northern Virginia attending my grandson's high school graduation. Traffic driving home was terrible, but I won't bore you with that. Tomorrow the Tidewater Division is visiting our club, so I'll be running my beer train. It's a whimsical thing, since it breaks all the rules on billboard cars. (Notice how I've brought the subject back to beer?)

    What do you folks have planned for the weekend?

    Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.

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    Well, I've already had two highballs George but I'll sit and listen to the gab going on. Might even grab a Dutchman once the buzz goes out of my nose from the whiskey. [}] Temps are mild here and we just sat out on the back screen porch drinking out 7/7's and eating a small Red Baron pizza. [} Not much else going on, rather quiet except for some stupid vibration outside which is probably some idiot with a blower or something. Cripes it's almost dark out, give it a rest.

    Tomorrow morning early, well early for us, we'll take a ride north to the next town, our county seat, and deliver a bunch of stuff to the St. Vincent De Paul Society. We have lots to clean up around hear and I keep harping about that I know it. Can't imagine how much STUFF (george Carlin) we have that we bought because we needed it but never used it. [:0]


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      Good evening and a nice evening it is in central Ohio, no storms and nice temps.

      I have been doing a lot of yard work but I hope to get some time in on the layout. I just need to run it for a while.

      Have a good evening.



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        Now this is a good idea.

        Stop in, have a beer or 2 or .... whatever.

        I think I have already had a few.

        I have yard work :down: , planned for the weekend. This heat is really getting unbearable. I was out in it this afternoon, Heat index at 105, sweat dripping off me like rain.

        A month ago I was asking for summer, now I would like to have winter.

        I ain't never satisfied.



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          Oh, BTW,

          I have never heard of Bitburger beer.

          Where is this made?

          Just curious.



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            Rich, it's a German beer brewed in the town of Bitburg. There used to be an Air Force base near the town and a lot of Air Force types acquired a taste for it, so I can buy it at our local Air Force base. (I'm retired Army, so I can buy the beer there.) I've also seen it sold locally, but you have to look for it.

            Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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              Have un-sweetened iced tea? I haven't had a drink in 15 years or more. You guys feel free ... if you need a ride home let me know.

              Any railroading going on? None here. I could have but we had a late dinner and I'm beat.



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                This is great!! I never can make the morning visits so late night is great for me. Nice sunny day here in Western Wisconsin can't go outside because the mosquitoes suck you dry. Got a little modeling done. I'll make some posts tomorrow. Thanks for the opening and the brewski.

                Andy Kramer -- Modeling the Milwaukee Road in Wisconsin


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                  Good evening gents! It's nice to see everyone here tonight. And it's a good night for a beer so I'll help myself.

                  Well George, your not the only one at a high school graduation today. My youngest graduated high school this evening. It was a great ceremony. Tomorrow we are having a party for him, and then Sunday is my granddaughters christening, so I have a full weekend of family activities.

                  Walt, that George Carlin 'stuff' routine is a riot. True too!

                  Well, hope everyone has a restful night and enjoys their weekend.


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                    Good evening gents, I have my tall glass of iced cranberry juice in my hand. Finally got my chipper/shredder working. Carb was all junked up. So shredded up the bark from the elm log that's is in the front yard. Have now got it cut down to the "Gordon Knot" haven't figured out how to cut this last up. Still to heavy to move by hand

                    here's the log a couple of weeks ago or so

                    here's what's left.

                    RR wise, spreading ground goop around the king post bridge area. should post some pics huh....

                    You all have a safe night and please drink responsibly unless you are home.
                    Phil Z

                    POR (press on regardless)


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                      Sorry that I missed the lounge last night. We went out to dinner with the kids and then watched Man of Steel. By the time we got home, it was time for all senior citizens to head to bed.


                      Originally posted by George D

                      We can't get Bruce to quit his day job and take up brewing that good Dutchman Ale ...

                      Never fear, George, the end is in sight!