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    Good morning all coffee is on ,tea is on it's way. I got donuts from the bakery the girls said Hi. Toast is ready for Walt and I think me too, I've got a few pounds to shed. Got to help my son with some lighting in a friends place then start packing the car for Lucy's show Saturday. Have a safe day what ever you do .Tom

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    Morning Tom & crew,

    Coffee for me this morning. Thanks for getting us going Tom.

    It is a cloudy fifty-four in South Jersey this morning. Wonder where Spring went. It hasn't been a good one this year


    Hopefully some beach time for me an Diane.

    And hopefully some time at the bench!

    Everyone have a great day!!!

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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      Good morning Tom, Jerry, and the rest of the crew. We are down in northern Virginia for out granddaughter's H.S. Graduation. The ceremony was yesterday at George Mason University's Patriot Center. Even with a graduating class of 661 kids, it progressed at a good speed. We have 'family things' planned for the next two days.

      Only two weeks left 'on the job' and I can return to retirement!

      Have a great day.


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        Good morning Tom, Jerry, Bruce and the rest of the crew. Bruce, you and I have similar weekends. Today is my youngest son's high school graduation, weather permitting. Then tomorrow we are giving him a graduation party. Then Sunday is my granddaughters christening. So I have three days off from work, but all three are packed with activities. I am planning to head downstairs today for a while to clean up a little as I have to open up some space under the layout for storage. Not sure if I call this progress on the layout or not, but it will be the closest to working on the layout that I've had in weeks!

        Well, hope everyone has a great day today!


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          Good morning Tom and crew. HAPPY FRIDAY![:-jump2]

          Looks to be a nice weekend coming up.

          I have some connection work to do on the railroad after some minor modifications. The next part is planning a yard and various trackwork to make the yard function properly. Yes, I have been reviewing the 10 Commandments of Yard Design religiously, which led to my recent changes.

          Have a good weekend, regards, Vic B.


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            Mornin' kids,

            The coffee is good today. Nice job.

            My weekend:

            ~Spraying the yard for bugs Saturday morning (if it is dry enough).

            ~A graduation brunch for a friends daughter.

            ~Then a graduation BBQ for my niece who will be starting grad school shortly.

            ~After all that we need to stop and see my wife's aunt before she heads back home in Florida.

            ~Sunday is church followed by probably dinner out with the in-laws.

            I really want to spend Saturday updating closets (yes really). I can finally afford to set up my sons closet the way I want and the bathroom closet does not accommodate the wife's toiletries very well. Despite the no time thing the wife just turn my bathroom closet project into a whole bathroom freshening up (just short of a remodel ... which is coming).

            Good day all!

            Joe id="maroon">

            Acts 3:19 Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,id="blue">


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              Morning crew. Bruce, sounds great that retirement may again be in your future.

              Someday I may retire again, but the income for now is needed.

              Sun is trying to come out here so I may get back outside to finish my mower repair.

              Dave Mason


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                Bright sun and low humidity today in MI as well as pleasant 70s temps.

                I am plodding through my first Fast Tracks turnout. They estimate the first one will take 2 hours, I'm sure I'll use all that and then some. Add to that computer issues on the laptop I was running the video instructions on and it's just a typical day for me. NOthing EVer goes as planned, NO-THING.

                Everyone have a great day, and weekend.

                BE SAFE!!
                Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                Cedar Swamp
                SW of Manistique, MI

                Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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                  Good Morning Tom and the rest of the RR-L Crew, DaveM too! [}]

                  Not running late, just real busy is all. Working on the Nick's Flop House kit and flopping the drawings is real fun especially when some pieces are worked on upside down to boot. Basically designing my own Rubic's Cube. Weather here is fantastic, has been the last two days. The windows are wide open and the sun is out. Mary is out in the yard planting flowers, fighting off the chipmunk and small rabbit that's eating her flowers. Plus she's also fighting the ants which seem to be everywhere this year. She mixed up a special sun tea of ground red pepper and garlic that she sprayed on the flowers. So far it's working to keep the chipmunk and rabbit away. Always fun around here. [}]

                  Everyone have a Fun and Safe day in the Train Yard.


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                    Walt, does Mary have a brew for moles? How slugs? The moles make mowing my side yard real interesting.