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It's a 3 truck Shay now

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  • It's a 3 truck Shay now

    I finally got around to getting the old 3 truck shay project going last week and I am close to finishing it up. This started with one of those "problem shays" I had.

    I had rebuilt a bunch of sets of trucks and used them on my other shays and this is the one with the florist wire line shaft and NSL gears.

    The two main ingredients were the Banta Cab and the water tank from Hamm River. The tender truck is one of those left over shay trucks. I would have loved to make the coal bunker match the tender, but time didn't allow. I chose a baloon stack to give it something different and I actually like the style but may change it at some point to match closer to some of the eastern logging shays that I see in my books.

    I enlarged the height of the coal bunker and chose to put the Tsunami decoder and speaker in that, although I could have easily added a huge speaker in the tender. I added extra pick-ups to the the shay drive wheels and of course the tender wheels have pick ups. I make them from 20 ga phosphor wire and they really seem to help as the stock shay pick up sucks.

    Sure, you can tell me what you think and show me pics of your builds in this thread. It's a mish mash build and obviously follows no prototype.

    I added a shot of my little old diorama. By the way, these are cell phone pics.

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    Very nice, I like it anyway, it certainly changes the appearance. Of course the photgraphy does it up really good.



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      A very nice conversion to three trucks. The stack really catches my eye and was not expecting it, I do like it.


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        Joey, it has a great look to it. Definately that mountain shay feel.



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          :up: :up:


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            Like it a lot. Progress on my own kit bash is slowly getting there. Should have it wrapped up for 2014...


            Peter G


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              Nice work. The outdoor photography really brings it to life.
              Its not a toy, Its my art that moves.

              Black Valley RR

              Brett (sydney, Australia)


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                Very cool indeed.

                The diorama for picture taking is very well done too.


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                  I really like it! infact i like the mishmash look of it


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                    Joey - great job....I have a wood cab kit from

                    Banta as well. Did you seal the wood before painting?

                    Nice match of colors and the onion stack is a neat addition.


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                      I forgot...did anyone mention the neat

                      photo background set up? Waasaaay cool!


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                        Thanks folks and

                        Bill, no I just shot the cab with 2 coats of flat black after assembly.


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                          That stack is pretty unique. Where did it come from? Did you cut off part of the onion stack that goes with the connie?

                          I'd like to suggest that you add dummy telescoping rods to the 3rd truck. That would make it look more complete.


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                            Awesome .. :up:
                            Tom M.


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                              Pretty neat man, I'd like to do that with mine,
                              That\'s fine, it\'ll make another trip kid.