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Kootenay Lake Sternwheeler Build

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    Beautiful scratchbilding!


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      Hi Jeff,

      I would agree that the decks were grey as well.

      The model of the Minto at the Revelstoke museum has grey decks. I also have a photo of the Klondike's roof which appears to be grey or faded black tarpaper/canvas.

      I was wondering if you or your research shows anything on how the decks were finished. Not sure what the top layer is such as panelling, impregnated canvas, etc. I would like to find out what they put on top ofthe wood decking.
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        I was in Penticton today and viewed the SS Sicamous. The front deck in black steel. I can post some pictures later if you would like.


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          Thank you Frank, Danny, Darryl and Glen.

          Frank, it's hard to keep up with a prolific modeller like Greg. I learned that while building Delwin's Boat and Net Stroage with him, which, by the way I haven't given up on yet, I just divide my time between a number of projects.

          Darryl, I haven't found anything about the deck finishing but the Kokanee was built in 1895 and the pictures of scrapped boats would indicate that they were wood so that's the approach I plan to take. There is a colour picture in my reference book of a restored sternwheeler that looks like it was taken on one of the passenger decks. The deck surface looks to be a solid gray surface but I'm not sure if that is a modernization for durability and safety or authentic. As I pointed out earlier in this build details will be based om the best information I have available and artistic license.

          Glen, I would like to see those pictures if you don't mind. Thank you for the offer.



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            Here's some of the pictures that I took of the Sicamous, now dry-docked in Pentiction, BC

            It's quite a long ship, I did not have enough room to get the entire vessel in one shot.

            The ship was altered partway through it's life. The top or 'Texas' deck originally ran the length of the ship. It was Shortened when the vessel's purpose started to change from a major passenger vessel to cargo/passenger. It was re-configured to transport fruit from various Okanagan communities to the railheads in Penticton, Kelowna, and Vernon.

            I'm not sure if you're going the make the covering over the paddle wheel like this?

            The SS Sicamous has a steel sheathed hull, which is one of the reasons she ran until the early 50's and she was a candidate for restoration and preservation. However her hull now is not seaworthy and she'd sink like a stone if any attempt to launch her was made.


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              Thank you, Glen. Those pictures are very helpful and will be useful for many of the details that I had questions about. I am planning to cover the paddle wheel just like the SS Sicamous. The Kokanee was designed much the same.

              No pictures to post today as I haven't had time to work on the model. I started painting the hull yesterday and making the deck.



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                Hi Jeff-

                It's the middle of winter in Saskatchewan Canada

                It must be very cold.

                Do you have any time for an update please?

                Don't leave me the only one building a boat(s) on the forums, eh? [:-angel]


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                  Yes I've been wondering about your progress as well


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                    ME TOO !!!!!




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                      Hi guys,

                      Thanks for the push, Carl, Glen and Bob. I have been away from this for a while with other priorities but now that the holidays are over and the S-B-M challenge has been issued I will get back to it. I will post some pics soon.



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                        Hi Jeff. I, too, am looking forward to the commencement of this fine-looking build! Glen has posted some awe-inspiring photos to tease us a little!
                        Mike Hamer

                        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                          Thank you too, Mike for the encouragement.

                          An update on progress is long overdue. My apologies to you all for keeping you waiting.

                          I seem to be hung up on the deck planking but I think I have it now and with some weathering it should capture the look I am looking for.

                          I have also put some cargo (temporarily) in the freight area for looks. I will paint it before making it permanent.

                          The deck structure has its initial coat of white before glazing the windows. I plan to use Micro Krystal Klear for that. When that's done I can glue it to the deck.

                          I've also done some work on the bow and some painting.

                          That's all for now. I've never built anything like this without a set of instructions before so progress has been slow. It seems like two steps forward and one back as I redo things that don't seem to work out.



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                            Hey again Jeff,it's like a double feature at Jeff's picture house today!

                            First your Selinger's,and now your sternwheeler!

                            I like the cargo peaking out from behind the doors,that will be a nice detail.

                            The shot showing the decking at the bow looks fantastic!

                            Keep at her matey!

                            Greg Shinnie


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                              Jeff, she looks super. Please tell us what white paint you are using. I am about to paint the hull of the

                              CR Lamb this week but am not quite sure as to which paint to use. Also, how did you weather the hull? I

                              will be staying with your build to the end. Absolutely love your work.



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                                Thanks Greg and John for your comments. They put wind in my sails or, in this case, steam in my pipes! [:-captain]

                                Greg, I hadn't realized until I took the pictures that I had made that much progress since my last posting. I'll have to be more diligent.

                                John, I really didn't do anything fancy for the hull. I primed it with a cheap gray primer that you can see in earlier pictures and then brush painted some titanium white acrylic artists paint straight from the tube. What appears to be streaked weathering is actually the brush marks with the primer showing underneath. The deck structure was matte board so I sprayed it with a solvent based primer to avoid swelling of the board and then sprayed a white coat over it. It's not quite where I would like it yet but I think it's a good start.

                                The red is Ceramcoat red iron oxide brush painted in a thin coat, not exactly dry brushed, to achieve a weathered look.

                                Glad to hear your comments. It helps me improve.