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Kootenay Lake Sternwheeler Build

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    Once the freight doors were completed they were mounted on the walls of the main deck structure opening into the freight area.

    The starboard freight door was mounted in an open position to provide for some interior details and the potential for a scene at the loading dock. The windows also have trim added for completion.

    Moving aft I will be adding doors that exit the engine room for access to the paddle wheel and completing the main deck structure.



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      Happy Canada Day!

      I thought I would post another update before a new work week begins. Moving aft of the freight area is the engine room. The room narrows to allow for doors on either side of the deck to access the paddle wheel. The first thing to do is to build the doors. By my estimate they are two foot doors and I don't have a ready source so I opted to build my own.

      Once again I turned to Rusty Stumps, modifying Colonial windows to four pane windows:

      I trimmed each window to four panes and constructed panel doors around the windows using styrene:

      The doors were then mounted facing the stern:

      That's all for now. For my American friends, happy Independence Day on Thursday.



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        Thanks Jeff, same back to you for Canada Day!

        All is well I see here- carry on sailor! [:-captain]

        Any progress is good progress!


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          Hey Jeff,continues to get better with each new piece you add!

          That darn work/job gets in the way of the simple pleasures in life, doesn't it.

          Greg Shinnie


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            I love seeing your work on these doors. The ship really takes shape nicely.


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              Beautiful work on the Paddle Wheeler so far Jeff. All of those doors and windows look great. It's starting to look like the SS Sicamous permanently on display in Penticton BC.

              I freelance scratched a model of the lake Tug SS Kelowna a couple years ago but didn't go through the detail that you have.


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                Thanks Carl, Greg, Frederic, and Glen. Your comments are appreciated.

                A few days ago a fellow member gave me a tap on the shoulder and asked what was happening with this build. Thank you for that. It got me going again after what is a much longer time than I had realized until I looked at the date of my last post.

                The very aft part of the main deck structure is the engine room and is slightly narrower than the forward part of the structure to enable access to the paddle wheel itself:

                At this point I put a coat of primer on the structure so the final white coat will be uniform:

                Finally, I set the second deck on top just to visualize how it will look. The bow of the first deck is open as you can see and the second deck overhangs it completely:

                The second deck is 0.040" styrene. Before moving up to the second deck, however, I need to complete the deck planking, bow, and paddle wheel as well as put some freight inside the open door.



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                  Hi, Jeff --

                  It's coming along very nicely. It's fun to watch you work. You will have a real museum piece when you're done.



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                    Jeff, Looking GOOD. :up: :up:

                    Ahhhhhhh, the smell of styrene, does my heart good.[:-jester]



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                      Hi Jeff,nice to see you back working on this sternwheeler again!

                      And even nicer to see just how well it's all shaping up!

                      Greg Shinnie


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                        Jeff- welcome back to the bench... :up:

                        And speaking of your bench- I see we have a lot of similar tools in the arsenal-

                        syringe(glue?)...small mason jar(A/I stain?)...plastic condiment dispenser(the distilled water)...Aleenes' Tacky glue.

                        Don't they make building even more enjoyable?

                        Please carry on!


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                          Hi Jeff,

                          Great looking build. I am glad I bumped into this thread. I have been working away at a similar project of the CR LAMB. I have posted my build over on that... other forum... mmrforums.

                          I really like what you are doing with this build. I have to pick up the book you mention.

                          I am fortunate enough to be able to go and get some research materials from our Museum in Salmon Arm on the CR LAMB as there is an exibit of it going on right now at Haney House museum.

                          Can't wait to see what you come up with on the Stern Wheel.

                          "Leonard, check it out. I\'ve bought an N Gauge locomotive. Half the size of HO. fits in my mouth!"


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                            Hi Jeff, the vessel is coming along beautifully. Kudos to you for building this fine looking model from scratch. Now tell me...what gets a "land-locked lad" from Saskatchewan interested in a vessel like this! Yes, I know...the BC landscape is pretty spectacular. Keep up the fine work! [:-captain]
                            Mike Hamer

                            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                              Thanks, Don, Bob, Greg, Carl, Darryl and Mike.

                              Carl, it seems the more I build the more things on my bench accumulate. The great thing about the distilled water in the condiment dispenser is that in the heat of a build I can squirt it in my mouth like an athlete. I have to be careful not to spit it on the floor though!

                              Darryl, I'll have to check out your build on the other forum. Thanks for the lead. I learn so much from others.

                              Mike, I've often wondered that myself. I grew up in Manitoba and now live in Saskatchewan. The only time I lived outside of those provinces was the five years I spent in Hamilton doing some professional training, met and married my wife. Maybe it's all the time I've spent at the lakes on the prairies fishing and water skiing.

                              Moving on I have finally added the stem to the bow. Sorry Bob, I had to use balsa for this as I wanted something that could be easily shaped in place. I also started to do the deck planking over the bow. I'm not sure about the colour. I'll see how it looks after weathering it. The colour pictures of the Moyie at the back of the book show the deck planking to be dark.



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                                Jeff, I was lost and now I’ve found my way (back to your site). You’ve made some great progress. I’m glad to find out it’s only the stem, for a second I thought it was one heck of a Jack Staff.

                                I’m thinking in a race the RA Santos is going to beat you to the finish line.