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B'mann Porter Tank Replacement Question

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  • B'mann Porter Tank Replacement Question

    Hey all, thought I'd tap into the RRL On30 Brain Trust for this one.

    I'm building an On18 loco using an Atlas N 2-6-0 mechanism inside a Bachmann Porter boiler. I'm looking for a smaller tank than the one that comes stock. I've looked at the ones from Backwoods but they're not quite what I'm looking for. Basically I want a rounded tank, but one that sits lower on the boiler. I can scratch build something but just wondered if there might be a resin or metal casting out there that I don't know about. Thanks in advance.
    David Meek

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    Its possible that you could get a ten ton porter saddle tank from GrandtLine. Not sure if that's what you are looking for. You can often get parts from Coronado Scale Models (Great shop but NO webpage, you have to call or email).

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      Bachmann On30 Porter vs HO 0-6-0 Saddletank ...

      Bachmann has the HO saddletank body assembly available as a separate part:

      BUT ... if one of the On30 guys has bashed one of these using the Backwoods kit, maybe they'd have a (complete?) leftover shell ...

      PS -- The saddletank on the HO version is PLASTIC ... so you can easily shorten/modify it. :up:

      PPS -- The WIDTH of the HO shell is right around 5 scale feet across the running boards ... which would work well with your On18 project.


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        Thanks (again) Dallas!. That's a good idea. The Porter boiler is a good fit on the frame but I'm not married to it at this point. All that weight over the drivers is nice though. But as you said, I can fill the plastic tank with as much weight as I want. Thinking and planning...
        David Meek


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          Dave, I suggest making your own boiler and tank. No compromises with's not like you need to build a whole fleet! I have something to show you when you come over, a 20" gauge Bachmann Porter...


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            Good point, Verne. I have to build new cylinders, a saddle, steam chests, a cab, etc... Might as well build a boiler and tank while I'm at it. A 20" gauge Porter? Okay, I'm intrigued.
            David Meek