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    Hi all,

    New here and new to On30 as well. I have recently started acquiring a few pieces of rolling stock. As I see myself wanting to transport my equipment in the future, I was wondering what you folks use to move your equipment around. I don't want to lug all of those boxes around with all the packaging every time I want to take my equipment somewhere. Any information and/or photos are appreciated! Thanks!

    Willow Creek Railroad

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    Hi Matt,

    I use the large green boxes that come with some stock, remove the middle layer of foam, keep the top and bottom layers of foam, then lay your stock so the wheels don't touch the next item, stack top to top then wheels to wheels etc. You can store 6 x 2 bay hopper cars or 6/7 box cars in each box. Then store 4 boxes sideways in fold up crates, my AMS cars are a bit longer and I store them in small flight type cases with foam in the top and bottom (sold as tool boxes in packs of 3). Locos are in flight type tool boxes with foam around each loco. It depends on how much you move the stock, and how could it be damaged in transit. It takes me about 1 hr to pack away after a show (next weekend, my stock fills 4 x 14ft roads in the fiddle yard) before we pack the layout away in the van. You can also use box files with foam in the top and bottom, elastic bands hold closed when stacking together. I use a fold up sack truck to move the stock from the venue to van and it takes 2 trips.

    The main thing is, don't rush or things will get broken.
    Neil F in Stockport


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      You could always buils a case like this one.

      Louis L&R Western Railroad
      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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        I had a friend of mine make me up some open front boxes that hold deep and thick plastic seed trays.

        a little bubble wrap, foam, and they are kept safe, each shelf has a little lip to stop the tray falling out. and to top it off, when i take my layout to shows, i put the stock boxes on a 6foot table, and put the layout on top of the boxes 2 birds 1 stone.