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  • Plastruct rods

    I was in a supplier's shop this week and noticed that he had a complete selection of Plastruct rod down to the tiniest sizes. Unfortunately ,it was after I got home that I gave some thought to using it for for loco plumbing. I am curious to hear if any you have used plastic rod instead of brass for air and water supply lines on locos. If you have , how well has it held up?


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    I haven't, but I have used Plastruct wire-core for downspouts in several buildings that travel with my modules. It's been quite durable, but because the plastic sheathing is ABS, MEK and model airplane tube cement don't bond it very well.


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      Would probably work well, haven't used it myself...brass is pretty easy to bend and cut, and soldering can give a super strong joint. Still, plastic would be easier to deal with, the challenge will be getting the small joints to bond securely. I have worked with the delrin parts produced in Grandt Line's backhead detail kits for their Porters, and they are tricky to bond using ACC...but look fantastic.


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        I have made some extensions to

        Bachmann loco piping on the Shay. I had added some windows from an American Model Builders kit. I found I needed to remove the cab and had to cut the pipes close to the cab. When it came time to reinstall the cab I used bits of plastic rod to replace what had been removed. I have found that various sizes of wire insulation can be cut up to make the pipe joints.


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          After I posted this thread I did find some Plastruct 1/16 to toy with. It bends easily and holds its shape well. I need finer diameters than that so will give it a try next week. Reg, thanks for the insulation suggestion. I have used shrink tube but shrinking it can be delicate on plastic.


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            If you're looking for smaller diameter styrene rod, Evergreen makes it in sizes down to .020"


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              I have used Evergreen rods of various sizes for piping. It does not make sharp bends without snapping. You can heat it very carefully and then bend. if you are careful and work it just right you can push together to get a larger diameter mush at the bend for a fitting.

              I have a jar of Plastic struct weld-bond that works very well for most plastics for glueing.just wish that their bush was smaller.

              Phil Z

              POR (press on regardless)


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                I have never well understood why they make this brush so huge...