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Bachmann gear help?

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  • Bachmann gear help?

    Is there a fix for the Bachmann gear problem and if there is, is there a store/individual that does the swap/fix as a fee based service? Thanks in advance for any help. Russ

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    Which Bachmann gear problem?


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      What engine?


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        Russ - I did a how to on the shay, and a few others chipped in some excellent ideas....

        I will look for the thread in the morning.

        NWSL has the steel gears for the Shay, or you can just order replacements from Bachmann

        for the shay....


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          I should know better than to post on this forum with only part of the information on hand! You guys are just to cool! I will get the particulars tomorrow when I go back over to the layout. Right now I think its three engines (no geared engines IE shay, climax etc,) one is locked up, and two of them the motor just spins. Like I said I apologize to the group for jumping the gun, I will return with the info. Thanks for the replies so far. Russ


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            Russ, try searching for the word 'gear' in the thread topic for this will read more than you want to know probably about how to deal with Bachmann's quality control fiasco. Welcome to the unhappy fraternity of the Cracked Gears Anonymous!


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              "Welcome to the unhappy fraternity of the Cracked Gears Anonymous!" Yep I am aware of this plague. What I'm hoping to find is a member that does the 'fix' as a paid for service to get these beasties back running. Boyd and I don't want to spend the time right now to work on them as we are busy on the layout and very soon we will be working at Train Mountain and won't get back to the layout for some time. Like I posted earlier I will get the details on the locos today and post this evening. Thanks. Russ


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                Have a look at this Russ.....


                It might get you going in the right direction, or at least get you going...


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                  Didn't see this before, great touter Bill