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G Scale coupling advice please.

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  • G Scale coupling advice please.

    OK, so I've managed to build up what 'G' scale rolling stock I need, ready to be repainted into FCC (Ferrocarril Central del Peru) colours, and assorted grime, but having bought the stuff from a well known auction house I find myself confronted with a variety of different couplers, Bachmann knuckle, LGB hook and loop, and Aristocraft on the Locomotives.

    Most of the rolling stock is Bachmann, some has been fitted with LGB type couplings.

    Bachmann and Aristo don't seem to be compatible, and run at different ride heights.

    What would anyone's suggestion be as to a 'standard' coupling to fit to all, and can I find a dropped coupling for the locos or do I need a raised shank on the end of a rake to couple stock to motive power.

    Bearing in mind that this is going to all be 'American' pattern or American derived stock, then knuckle couplers are appropriate, but there is also a reastaint on what might be available in the UK, or sourced at a reasonable price from elsewhere, taking into account the licensed bandits called the UK Customs and Excise!

    Approaching Senility with the regulator (throttle) wide open and the reverser (Johnson bar) down in the front corner.