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    Would someone be able to update me on Atlas track products. I know there was a problem with factories in China but the last time I read anything about it the problems were solved and production had resumed. Does anyone know what the story is?
    Scott Reid

    Mesabi Division

    Great Northern

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    Welcome to the forum, Scott.

    My supplier tells me the problem has been rectified.

    I don't know about any "problem" track left out there and how to avoid it! ??


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      Hi Scott, as John pointed out the problem has been solved, but like my local hobby shop said the flex track has been the problem to get, and it has been slow coming, but I guess it's just tring to get back up to par and supply every shop with a little at a time.

      Louis L&R Western Railroad
      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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        The Atlas track issue is getting better. My local (125 miles) hobby shop is getting code 83 track again according to one of my friends who bought some.
        Bill Shanaman

        New Haven RR

        Hartford Division

        in Colorado.