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  • Hells Bells

    You know the feeling. Everything seems perfect in life. Not a worry in the world, until the "Gods" decide to hit you with something to upset the day, like auto transmission failure on the new car.

    However..... waking up the following morning, to a beautiful face beside me, makes my world perfect again.

    Off to see the "Jersey Boys" today, followed by long walks in Melbourne and late night dinner.

    Enjoying life to the "max".

    Hope the same to you'se all............
    " Stay Motivated in Life "

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    Calling Car Mechanic's worldwide.

    Last night the auto trans was playing up while driving home.

    After slowlying down at intersections, I would try to accelerate, but had no gear engagement or power for a few seconds and then auto licked in properly.

    Just wondering what might be the problem.

    A few weeks ago , at times, I had no reverse, after the car had been parked for a few hours.

    Hope all of the above makes some sense.

    It's early Sunday morning here "downunder".

    Looking forward to getting the problem fixed at any cost :crazy: .

    My new car is 10 years old, but looks like new.

    cheers all

    " Stay Motivated in Life "


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      Mario, First, check the transmission fluid. Might even need to be flushed and refilled but probably not.


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        Mario, sorry to hear of your car troubles.

        Transmission fluid was my first and only guess too.

        Have fun at the theater and at dinner.
        Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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          Like Walt suggested the tranny level may be way low. I don't know what type of car you have but it may be a defective modulator. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to change.

          If it isn't either of those the tranny may be toast.

          Bob Farquhar


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            I've had symptoms like that which went away with a flush, new ATF and a new filter.


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              If low fluid and you go to top it off yourself, be sure to use the correct fluid type as the manufacturers all use different specs for different year and model trans (refer to owner's manual or on line). Opinions vary, with high miles and no, or extended, filter changes some will say do not flush, first try only filter replacement/refill of fresh fluid (the thinking being a flush floats more loosened gunk into the valve body). When the filter pan is dropped it may suggest the condition of the trans. There are also 'additives' which may help temporarily.

              Keep positive thoughts...


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                Spent ages trying to locate dip stick and filler tube. This model has neither.

                Mechanic seems to think "tranny" is stuffed ( via txt message only ).

                Willknow tomorrow ( Monday morning ).

                Thanks guys for the feedback.

                Will keep in touch...

                cheers "M"
                " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                  Hi Mario.

                  I'd highly recommend finding a reliable, competent and trustworthy mechanic. I've used this fellow for years.

                  Karl O.

                  Berkley, MI


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                    Karl. Good Morning from Australia.

                    I've heard about that bloke in the photo [:-hot] .

                    Thnaks for the offer, but I think I'll use my mechanic. Might save my car from being blown up in the process.

                    Trust all is good back home.

                    Big hug from me to Janice

                    Talk soon Buddy

                    " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                      If it's an older transmission with high mileage, a flush is not a good idea. A natural full drain and refill at most. Flushing an old system washes out gunk that has packed in there keeping worn parts tight. Flushing out all that old gunk quite often will show just how worn those parts really are. Again, depending on the type of transmission, it may just need to have the bands tightened up to get them back into tolerance again.



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                        Model. Ford Fairlane Ghia "Sportman" 2002.

                        Just had another outside opinion.

                        Transmission Cooler is connected ??? to radiator , which effects tranny fluid, which effects, etc, etc.............

                        Radiator core maybe damaged, thus effecting whole system.

                        I should have actual answers tommorrow.

                        Seems most of the feedback here is correct regarding low fluid. Thanks...

                        I should have kept my old ford prefect with a small engine. Today's cars are just too electronic and fragile...

                        cheers all

                        " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                          Looks like KarlO has moved to Ozz![}]


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                            I'm very fortunate that my wifes cousin owns a transmission shop. I've already had to make one call on him as well as my sons clutch went on his Honda Civic. Great to have a good mechanic.


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                              Mario, get out of the car, turn around 10 times and get back in. You'll be so dizzy you won't care.