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  • Welcome Chris -- kcscarp

    My friend Christine (Chris) Scarpinatto just joined rr-line. She is a friend from Pittsburgh, a fellow aikido player, a computer whiz, and an avid music fan. She met and married a Brazilian violinist (Egon) and now lives in Brasilia. She isn't a model railroader (yet) but is very interested in the Brazilian layout that Frederick Testard is going to build.

    Please make her welcome to our community!

    Don Reed

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    Well I welcome Christine to the crew and offer any modeling help as with everyone. Frederick Testard is for sure a master modeler to follow the workings of.

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      When I saw Chris mention that (1) she recently moved to Brazil from Pittsburgh and (2) she mentioned aikido, I said [:-bigmouth]"She must know Don!"id="size4">[:-bigmouth]

      Welcome to the Forum, Chris.


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        A "Happy" welcome to the forums!



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          Welcome aboard! Enjoy the ride, and feel free to chime in at any time!

          I thought about Don's comments the other night. Consider: A man in France decides to build a module for a show in the Netherlands, names it after his Netherlands friend, but uses a subject in Brazil. Folks chime in from Europe, Canada, the United States and elsewhere. A modeler in Pittsburgh discusses the project with a friend in Brazil, and forwards the resulting comments to the man in France. [:-angel] [:-apple] [:-angel]

          Is this a Great Hobby, or what!?

          Enjoy the ride!


          in Michigan


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            Yeah, but we still don't know who's on first base...?
            Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

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              Welcome Chris hope you enjoy, and stop by the lounge for coffee some time. By chance did you take that football team with you .Tom


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                Welcome aboard Chris! Any friend of Don's is a friend of ours!


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                  Welcome aboard, Chris. I feel honoured that the simple mention of a layout project can motivate a forum subscription.

                  Pete, your description is amazing. Yes, this is indeed a great hobby.


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                    Thanks so much for the warm welcome, everyone! I really enjoy looking at the photos of your layouts. Don has been sending me links for some time now. I enjoy seeing the process of building layouts as much as the final product.

                    Happy building,

                    Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction,

                    to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which are there. --- Richard Feynman


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                      I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of Chris in her other life - as a nidan (third degree black belt) in aikido.

                      I love this picture - two of my friends training together and obviously having a great time:

                      Here's Chris doing sword practice. She spent a year in Japan as a foreign exchange student and trained in kendo - she's a lot better with a sword than most aikido people:

                      Finally, here's a picture of Chris training with Mary Heiny Sensei (6th dan) - a totally amazing teacher:

                      I hope you find this interesting.