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    Changed my header, so it's time to rise and shine to some great coffee and tea, sweet rolls from the bakery and egg sandwitches for all and if your really cold some hot oat meal with hot honey. Hope that gets you going to work or play .Tom

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    Gooooooooood Morning, Crew!

    Thanks for opening up, Tom...just some more coffee for me right now. More snow again here in NE Ohio but the temps will go up and melt some of this away (I hope). For some reason, I'm really looking forward to spring...probably because we have a deck where I can smoke my pipe and enjoy my morning coffee. I figured out how to get my roof mounted on my caboose end walls and I'll get that straightened out. Have a great day everyone!



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      Morning Tom and the rest of the lazy RR-L Crew. Oh, DaveM also. [}] I'll just go with my usual, coffee and toast thank you.

      Mild temps today but a HEAT WAVE tomorrow with temps of 45. Gosh that'll be nice.

      Well, I need to keep moving and get something done around here. So, everyone have a Fun and Safe day in the Train Yard.


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        Great to see Walt finally got out of bed. Guess he's feeling better.

        I thought I was coming down with a cold that Gail's had for 2 weeks. So I started on the ZiCam meds and that seems to have quelled it for now.

        Coffee and baked goods are fine Tom. I spent some time yesterday getting 20 or so kits packaged up. Now to find some customers.

        Snow dusting last night and they say the big one's on the way.

        Oh, well.

        Dave Mason


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          Good morning Tom and Crew

          Coffee and a sweetroll will hit the spot this morning, thanks.

          Should be nice here today, hopefully I can get some outside chores done today.

          Workbench is in my sights today been awhile but my eyesight seems to be clearing up so full speed ahead.

          Hope all will have a great day!!!



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            Good mornig all from a cloud covered central Ohio. Just coffee today I am about ready to head out for my monthly W.W. weighin so no goodies until tomorrow.

            Take care and have a good day



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              Originally posted by mabloodhound

              Great to see Walt finally got out of bed. Guess he's feeling better.

              Never was down, in bed, with the sinus infection or the broncitis Dave. I'm stronger than that to let it get me down. Go climb a roof would you! [}]


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                No roofs for me Walt....too old and feeble for that. Or was that your plan
                Dave Mason


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                  Dave, I know how MUCH you enjoy working on roofs that's what gave me the idea! [chuckle] Some how all I can picture is King Kong hanging on to a chimney! [}][}][}] Old and feeble, yeah, right! [:0]

                  Looks like you're going to get 24" of snow this weekend Dave. Good roof climbing weather I bet.[:-cold][:-cold]


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                    Good afternoon, Tom and crew and GOOD AFTERNOON, RUSS. I spent the morning at the USO and had to swing by the LHS to pick up a drill bit. I broke one yesterday while drilling through brass, luckily he stocks replacements.

                    I need to get to the workbench and make some progress on my challenge project..

                    With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                      8:30 already, PM, after another trip to the hospital in Detroit to see my brother. He's had a rough couple of days post-op but is in pretty decent shape, considering, today. It's about a 225 mile round trip from my little slice of heaven to the depth of the not so big anymore D. Traffic was really heavy leaving at 4 to come home.

                      We had bright sun and clear VFR skies today with forecast of big snow starting mid day tomorrow. The snow this week earlier was light snow globe like stuff and they say tomorrow it will be the heavy wet stuff falling at an inch an hour for about 24 hours. Not much of anyplace to go so we'll just sit and watch it. I have 2-3 caboose projects going on the workbench. 2 to paint and all three to letter up and finish. All three different, a reletter job on a Walthers bay window that was N&W then an Atlas "NKP style" undec and a Railyard Models Mopac short transfer style road caboose. My caboose track is quite eclectic. My favorite stuff is SALE brand.

                      Everyone have a good one.

                      BE SAFE!!
                      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                      Cedar Swamp
                      SW of Manistique, MI

                      Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022