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    I've been thrashing around trying to get this 94 built Rivarossi loco up & running with has a single axle pickup.

    Finally a TCS decoder with "keep alive" technology turned into a sweet runner.

    Took this pic and noticed its vote for a name of my RR. ......


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      Plugging away at getting some detailed clutter.....maybe 3 sq/ft....only 150 to go. AUGGH! At that, I'm not satisfied with this.

      Comments/input are not only welcome, but needed.

      Modeling realistic chaos is proving to be a bytch.


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        -- KP --

        Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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          Hi JP. I really like the look of the tracks climbing the mountainside and the cut trees. Keep those progress pictures coming our way! [:-apple] [:-apple]
          Mike Hamer

          Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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            Will do but.....

            I can only stand about 2 hour sets on this drudgery. I go out there all enthused but burn down quickly. Gotta come up with some long dried grass tufts to fit in there somewhere......leafy bushes too. Don't hold your breath.

            Looking for some flat forest or hunter green this morning......preferably acrylic in a spray can. No joy. Acrylic boggs up my air brush.

            Did get another bouquet of Caspia.....that needs painting.......

            The game's afoot.......[:-bouncy]


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              Came across this photo this morning which pretty much shows the end game for which I'm striving. A bit of photo-freelance.....

              My 1:1 scale hands ain't gonna fit in there.


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                I really like this photo the more I look at it. I have lots of old photos but this shows the old growth realativly undisturbed to either side of the trackage.....the best of the few.

                It shows both the treeform and density of the forest. One sees the problems this density presented to the loggers trying to get the trees they wanted out of there and one can imagine the damage to adjacent trees cause by just falling one of these monsters...much less yarding it out..and those shown aren't even the BIG ONES.

                BTW, Eufaula, WA. is just a few miles NW of Longview/Kelso.


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                  At risk of boring you guys to tears with summer re-runs, I'll do it to make sure you see or have seen this link.

                  For old time logging pictures this is THE best I've seen to date.......but I'd enjoy a better one.



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                    I have a small space done.....for now.

                    It's just big enough for a short train.


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                      I'm back after about a year layoff to build a hot rod....another bane of my existance.

                      The car is now road worthy and the rains are due any day now....put the cover on that & get into railroad construction. Got a chord of wood laid in to keep the stove in the shop running.

                      I'm ready......


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                        Started making some trees.

                        also forgot how to post images.


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                          Looks like you left out this ]

                          on the end of your post for [/img]

                          Louis L&R Western Railroad
                          Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                              One more try at getting pics posted.

                              No joy. the address between the is not posting