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  • A new locomotive kit


    Some time ago I had not a chance to post anything new.

    But I have not left the hobby at all.

    I am involved in a very interesting project with a European manufacturer of locomotives, cars, trams and railway equipment kit and large scale.

    Therefore, I am writing to you all with the intention of setting up a locomotive and wagon, only to the U.S. market. I wish that this material was a project with the help of all of you. To which, if available, you should simply respond to this post with the locomotive model kit you'd like to have and in wich scale.

    We are looking for a model who can becomed a reference for the railroad modelers.

    Between all your suggestions and comments, we hope you find a model (in kit) with two specials characteristic, not too hard to build, but not a mere toy. Mostly in metal, aluminum and brass, and very easy to personalize it. With a lot of options.

    By the time The following data are the parameters we ask:

    Scale (Assume we between 1:32 and 1:20)

    Gauge (in function of the model choice)

    Model (Our first idea was a Jupiter, but we preffer a really popular model between the modelers)

    Motorized in the same kit.

    Construction (Mostly in metal, aluminum and brass)

    Steam, Electric or Diessel.?. You choice.

    And above all, the most important thing .... the price will be very interesting.

    So, I'm still waiting for more ideas ......