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Tichy 120 ton Crane and Boom car build

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  • Tichy 120 ton Crane and Boom car build

    I've always wanted to build these and after all the rolling stock I've built over the last year I figure I'm ready for the challenge

    I decided to start with the Boom car since it's the easier of the two but still fairly complex. all the parts are cast flat which means most mold parting lines are already near invisible.

    So far I have complete the first 9 steps, glueing the end and side sills on, the end stirups, stake pockets and the ladder steps in the center.

    a close-up of the stake pockets, so far the assembly is pretty easy. Even though there are alot of small parts there are mounting holes for most and everything fits right.

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    I'll be watching this thread as I have both kits as well but currently lack the time available to build them. I already have 9 projects on the go...

    Bob Farquhar


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      Your experience so far is the way it was for me, very nicely cast pieces that fix extremely well.

      Do NOT let the wrecker intimidate you. It is just a collection of smaller assemblies that fit together well and then come together at the end to make a fine model. Do each one at a time and don't think about the final model until it's final assembly time.
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        I just finished up a number of projects so I could start this one. The Boom car is progressing quite quickly, mostly because it's styrene construction and the glue dries fast.

        I finished the next stage, the underframe.

        All the brake brackets, clevesis and lines are seperate parts. Tweezers are a must when building this. However as I mentioned before, everything fits exactly the way it is supposed to.


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          Looking great! I really like the Tichy kits and built a number of them when I was modeling in HO. Keep the photos coming!


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            In a Tichy kit, everything fits properly.

            If something doesn't fit, it is YOU. Great kits!

            Glen, I will be watching this build closely.


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              I also think a good deal of Tichy's design and molding. But, I have found injection molded styrene steps near the middle of the car (reefers and baggage cars, mostly) very vulnerable to damage on an operating layout. YMMV, but if the one on the tool car gets broken while you're working on it, I suggest replacing it with DA flat brass bar before painting the car.


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                I'm a pretty careful modeller and there aren't any chances of 'little ones' handling it so it just might make it off the workbench unscathed.

                I completed the underside detail tonight.

                The kit comes with .020 brass wire for the trian line (air) and .010 for the brake rods. My kit was missing the .010 wire but I had that spare from another project. The train line is a bit tricky. You have to thread the longer one through holes in all the sills and under the bolster.

                The smaller one simply goes under the bolster and conects with a divit on the main sill


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                  Nice job with the underside detailing, it is a shame we never get to see it once it is in use. Something I tend to not do.

                  Really looking forward to when you do your crane. You picked two great builds this time.

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                    Very nice work glen.

                    Looking forward to more.


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                      good job so far it is just like a jordan only more complex


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                        Great job Glen, by the way, what is your plastic cement of choice? Testors, Tenax...


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                          Testors is the easiest to come by that that's it. The Brass brake gear is glued on with medium thickness CA


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                            Quite a bit of work done on the boom car today. I glued the remaining brake gear (hand brake)and the six grab irons onto the flat car. I then primered it:

                            I'm priming and painting the car in sub-assemblies for easier painting and weathering.

                            I also built the cabin.

                            It too is fairly straight-forward assembly. The kit includes some small triagular 'gussets' to square up the cabin walls. The kit gives you both plastic are brass grabs. I opted for the latter.

                            I distressed the wood on the roofwalk with a fine-toothed razor saw. I'll be addeding a smokejack to the cabin roof yet.

                            The kit also comes with under-frame toolboxes and side boards for around the flat end of the car. These will be painted seperatly as well.


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                              Looks good, Glen. Tichy cars are great fun to build.

                              Question...Is there a door on each end of the cabin, or is it just on the one end?