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Tour de Chooch (Eastern MA -and- NH) 2012

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  • Tour de Chooch (Eastern MA -and- NH) 2012

    Nobody started a thread this year, but it's not over till 4PM and I took a few pictures.

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    An HO scale dock area on Scott Jewell's Boston Docks & Rocks layout. IIRC he's following the B&M's Mystic Terminal era in the 1920s. The float bridge existed mostly in order to get reefers out to banana boats which couldn't moor at RR piers.

    This is the Rockport, MA quarry area on the On30 layout under the HO layout. Both reflect considerable historical research, and I've been watching his progress with interest for some time.


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      James, thanks for sharing these images. That sure is one fine looking layout based on research. Do you have any more images? I'd love to see them!
      Mike Hamer

      Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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        Only two worth posting.

        The prototype of this bridge still exists, but the quarry RR (standard gauge AFAIK) and the streetcar line are gone. Scott scratchbuilt it from granite blocks he sawed to size. The Birney car is Win Nowell's work - he used to manufacture O scale trolley kits as Bay State Models. The rock face of the cut is commercial latex moldings, the rest is granite.

        This shot of the On30 dock area does not do justice to the model of the steamer. Neither can I recall the name of the ship modeler who built it for Scott.


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          Seeing as James started a Tour de Chooch thread, let me first say I wanted to see Dave Kotsonis, Tom Oxnard and Bob Hamilton's layouts this year, but was over voted by two other guys I went with.

          This was the layouts I did get to see. One picture from each layout. Many great photos were taken of each layout.

          First stop was;

          Bruce Reynolds, Meredith, NH

          Second stop; Dave Sias, Meredith, NH

          Third stop; Rich Fifield, Epsom, NH

          Forth stop; Jonathan Miner, Epsom, NH

          Fifth stop; Sam Novello, Atkinson, NH

          Six and last stop an "N" scale layout; Ernie Poole, Wilmington, Ma

          Louis L&R Western Railroad
          Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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            Thanks, Louis. I look forward to seeing the layouts in Meredith and Epsom during the NER convention in Laconia next October. Sam, in Atkinson, does nice scenery.